Event page

On Monday morning, June 6th, your event image will go from 600×400px to a 1440×600px billboard. Worry not! Your current image will do just fine, but make a note to log in come next week, and upload a bigger one to avoid pixelation.

What does a good image look like?

Less is more here, always think visuals over words. The new event page has all your important event information – date, price, and address - highlighted for an easy overview just beneath the image. So no real need to add it to the image too.


Is that a ticket in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? No outfit change is complete without a statement piece, and we’re very excited about our new, sleeker logo. Use it wherever you feel like it!


To ensure legibility always leave a minimum margin around the logo based on the x-height. The x-height is based on the flat, horizontal bottom part of the “b” and the ditto top of the “i”. Do your best by eye and it should be just fine.


Your Billetto profile will make people notice you and draws attention to all your events. When a guest visits your profile page, he or she will be able to see all the events that you are organising. They can also follow your profile, and receive updates about your events.

Go here for three easy steps to a stellar-looking organiser profile.