Your Facebook event. Even better.

You're hosting an event on Facebook - fantastic! But do you know how many of your guests are going to show up, or how they're going to pay for the tickets? There are some things you may need to consider that go beyond the Facebook event.

Avoid the hassle of handling payment at the door

Are your guests required to buy a ticket? Avoid long queues and dealing with cash at the door by selling your tickets ahead of the event. Add your tickets on Billetto, add a link to your Facebook event - it's that simple. And the best part? As an organiser, it doesn't cost you anything. Your guests will pay a small fee when they buy a ticket.

Know exactly how many guests to expect at your event

Nervous about people not showing up at your event? The number of "Going" might be high, but how many of these people are really going to come? It's more likely that your guests are going to show up if they buy a ticket or sign up to attend. Even more likely, if you create an exclusive event or limit the amount of tickets they can get.

Add and sell your tickets right away

Manage the door at the event with your smartphone

No one likes long queues. Avoid your guests turning away from the doorstep of your event by scanning their tickets right from their smartphones. Low battery? Forgot the ticket? When your guest buys a ticket on Billetto, their name and ticket information is added to an interactive guest list you can simply access on your own smartphone (or tablet).

Let even more people discover your event

Reach people beyond your Facebook page. Billetto is more than just a ticketing service. It's an event discovery community that's helping you - the organiser - to find the right people for your event. When you organise a public event, the existent Billetto users will be able to find it when they look for similar events online or through the Billetto event discovery app.

Create your event on Billetto now

We're here to help, even at your event

We won't deny it: there are a lot of other online event planning & ticket sales services out there. But Billetto's different. In addition to providing subscription- free service, we're also well-versed in everything to do with event organisation and we can help you with the following:

- Provide staff to scan tickets at the event
- Help finding sponsors for your event
- Promote your event through Billetto’s website, newsletter, social media and blog
- Provide marketing advice
- Help with international expansion and exposure of your event
- Share best practices regarding event logistics

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