Yoga with the Butterflies

You’re invited to get hot and sweaty amongst the unsung heroes of pollination as Bompas & Parr open up their British Museum of Food installation, The Butterfly Effect, for 3 more exclusive sessions of hot tropical yoga.

Sashay into the surround sound butterfly jungle and yoga instructor Jodie Hurn will lead you through a 1 hour flowing practice under luminous fuchsia light. Bend like a banana, take a badass baddha konasana (butterfly pose), laze like a lizard and float into a well-earned savasana. Based on the principles of Ashtanga, we will open the practice with Sun Salutations to warm the body, expanding the vinyasas to incorporate a strong flowing series of creatively linked asanas. In the 90% humidity and 25 degree heat your muscles will be splendidly supple making for very flexible performance. The heat will help to flush out toxins and stimulate the respiratory and circulatory systems.

In your poised post-session state, you’ll be fixed with a silken Bompas & Parr Yogi Beer – a turbo-charged spiced banana smoothie (antioxidants over alcohol) – and invited to the Bolus room for 0-gravity restoration sessions in the BMOF massage chairs, proven to soothe the tightest of posteriors.

December 6th - SOLD OUT

December 14th - SOLD OUT

December 20th - SOLD OUT

January 11th - SOLD OUT


The British Museum of Food, One Cathedral Street, Borough Market, SE1 9DE London

To note:

We recommend the experience for yogi's and yogini's that know their downward dog from their chaturanga as due to the dramatic swooping leaves of banana trees the view of the teacher may be limited from some positions!

As this specialist environment houses tropical butterflies, the temperature (kept at around 25 degrees) and humidity are strictly controlled to create the optimum environment. So we must ask that you remain aware of the very sociable butterflies and other creepy specimens that may invite themselves into your practice.

Changing facilities will be provided but there are no showers so bring a change of clothes if you're not into going home sweaty.

On Butterflies and Bananas:

As well as becoming the temporary site of spry yogis, Bompas & Parr’s installation communicates a key message about the importance of protecting the habitats of butterflies, which have played a crucial role in the propagation of key foods. While modern hybridized bananas do not need to be pollinated, ‘wild’ bananas depend on animal pollination, particularly by butterflies. Considering the role bananas play in nutrition as the staple food for 400 million people and in world economics as one of the world’s most traded commodities, and occasionally inspiring political and military consequences, it’s plain that the ‘butterfly effect’ should not be underestimated.

Tutor: Jodie Hurn