Some of the problems you often face when you invite people over are people who:

  • Opted “Maybe” on your Facebook event
  • Simply didn’t show up
  • ”Forgot” to cover your expenses
  • Didn’t bring cash or exact change

We had exactly the same issues a few years ago, giving us the idea for Billetto: a place where you can easily organise events and sell tickets online.

With Billetto it’s easy to avoid flakey guests, or at least ensure you still get paid even if they fail to show up. Here’s how.

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X-mas ticket sales

The only thing you need to do to start selling your X-mas tickets is:

  1. Click Create event and enter the name, address and a description of your event.
  2. Select ticket type. It could e.g. be “Dinner and secret santa” tickets, “Drinks only” tickets, “Secret santa” tickets, etc. Enter your ticket price and how many tickets are offered of each type.
  3. Upload an image that represents your event.
  4. Now you’re ready to sell tickets! Next send invites to the event to your guests. You can invite by e-mail directly from Billetto, but you can of course also just send the link using your favourite messaging app. If you want to invite all of Santa’s little helpers for dinner and don’t have their contact details you can also promote your event on the news, create adverts, posters and TV commercials. The sky's the limit.

Tip: Don't forget to add your bank details to Billetto so you can receive all the ticket payments - you'll get the money a few days after your Christmas party has taken place.

It's easy to use Billetto

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Getting people together

Once you get a taste for organising events you may want to do this more often. Events are a great way to bring your friends together, and using Billetto as a ticketing platform allows you to control your expenses and plan your purchases better.

Time saved on administration is much better spent on making your events unforgettable.

Make your Christmas party better - join Billetto and start creating your event now.

More than just tickets

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Additional Billetto Services

Billetto is growing rapidly because both our organisers and our ticket buyers are happy with our platform. However, we can also offer a number of different services that may make you even happier:

  • Provide staff to scan tickets at the event
  • Help finding sponsors for your event
  • Promote your event through Billetto’s website, newsletter, social media and blog
  • Provide marketing advice
  • Help with international expansion and exposure of your event
  • Share best practices regarding event logistics

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