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What to wear to a nightclub

Nightclubs---the social cave of the modern era, where clubbing your damsel and dragging her off to live happily ever after is now replaced by charm, looks, glitz, and---above all---the clothes that we wear.

Let’s face it: The fundamentals of “girl meets boy in skins” still have some similarities, but social etiquette has fortunately made some considerable strides over the years...and thank goodness the guys have upgraded their pickup line!

We are now unduly bound by a totally new set of social rules on dress and behaviour that have us all guessing at times.

Planning a night out clubbing has become quite a skilful affair and does not come without its fair share of stress. You will need to do some careful planning if you’re going to make a success of it and get that all important social nod that makes it all worthwhile.

A great build, good teeth, a tucked in waist, and hair that could only be Harry Josh, are all givens. It’s the clothing that has us all guessing what to wear to a nightclub.

Of course, it does depend on two factors:

  • Are you dressing to impress and perhaps make a connection with your future partner?
  • The type of nightclub you intend to party at. (Always check the dress code.)

Ideas for men

What about a classic white Oxford shirt paired with jeans and some expensive boots? A classic white t-shirt is also cool, but many clubs prefer men to have a collared shirt.

There is always the denim shirt, which can then be matched with a pair of black pants. This way, you won’t look like a farmhand.

Keep the pants fitting but not too tight. Not only does it not look good but you don’t want to be restricted when you are making your dance moves on the nightclub floor.

If you want a splash of colour, you can pair your outfit with a bright pair of trainers if the club allows. Bare feet or thongs are mostly unacceptable if you don’t want to look like you’re attending an outdoor picnic.

At some clubs, it is trendy to be seen with an abundance of gold jewellery and caps. If that’s your thing, don’t hesitate. Just make sure you don’t stand out too much from the other night raiders.

Ideas for ladies

There is definitely more money and time spent by a lady dressing up for a nightclub. A few pointers:

Keep it modest. Whist all men enjoy a peek, you don’t want to be too revealing.

Wear something that fits you. Don’t try to fit into an outfit that ends up not looking flattering.

It’s a nightclub, so dress up a bit. If you want to wear jeans - that’s fine, but maybe pair it with a flashy top. You don’t want to look like you just came from Wal-Mart.

If you know how to wear high heels, then do so. If not, don’t stress about it - there are many lower heeled smart shoes around.

Finally, consider investing in a small, convenient sling purse.

Mostly though, just enjoy yourself with your friends and have a great night out clubbing.

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