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What to wear to a festival

It is usually tricky to dress for a festival. On the one hand, you want to look stylish and cool. On the other hand, you want to be dressed well enough to fit the weather elements. You might well face all the four major seasons of the year in one day.

It is rather good to drop the word “festival fashion” and think of something practical for the weather, comfort, and---of course---the dancing.

Here are quick tips for wearing the right outfit.

1. Layers are your friend

Do not go to the festival with just the shirt you are wearing. Think of another plaid shirt and lightweight knits. These can be tied to your waist with ease.

You can also have a scarf in your bag to help you fight off the chill. A bandana can come in handy when your hair is all messed up and you need to hide the grease.

2. Get rid of the flimsy footwear

The weather may seem warm enough to wear your summer sandals or flip flops. However, you better not. Since most festivals involve a good deal of walking, you may get your toes hit or trodden on. The toilets aren’t that great, either.

Get something sturdier such as skate boots, converse, trainers, or wellies. You can fight the wet ground better with these shoes.

3. The humbug bag is your best bet

You hate them because they make you look like a clueless tourist. However, they are very practical. You want to be hands-free at the festival. You need to free your hands to carry drinks and, of course, throw your hands in the air while dancing. This is why it fits the bill.

The humbug bag is always with you, unlike the rucksack which can be a target for pickpockets. (You bet there will be plenty at the festival.) If the humbug bag is too big for you, go for a cross body bag, and it will serve a similar function.

4. Tights can do you good

Baring it all at the festival is the default look---even when you expect some showers in the afternoon. If you want to stay this trendy but still protect your legs from the chills, have a pair of tight leggings with you.

You can wear them under you mini skirt or shorts or wait until it gets chilly so that you slip into them. They’ll get your legs warm in an instant.

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