Valentine's Day event ideas.

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. So, if you're an event organiser or just fancy throwing a party around that day, we have a few suggestions for making this day special for your guests.

Ideas for a singles event


So many people match with each other on Tinder, Happn and other dating apps, but how many of them find time to meet each other. Set them up in one room, get their fingers swiping. Tip: Offer a free drink to the successful match to give the Tinderlites a bit of an incentive.


Not a fan of people who spend the evening with their noses stuck in their phones? Put together a speed-dating night. This for sure will get the people talking, whether they feel like it or not. But it's really up to them to make the decision, right? Tip: let the participants know how the event works in advance, so they feel more confident on the day.

Event ideas for couples


This is going to be a typical choice for many couples on the night, so, make it special. A romantic movie and a dinner? A romantic movie and a champagne tasting? Match the food/drinks to the movie (and your venue) that you pick. Tip: if you choose to go with the dinner, make sure you check for your guests' food preferences & possible allergies.


If you're a dance teacher, this is a perfect time to get couples to attend your class. If you're a venue, invite a dance teacher to do a class early, and arrange a DJ and drinks for the after-dance, where the couples can practice their newly-acquired skills. Tip: set the theme for your event to Dirty Dancing, Step Up or a movie of your choice (depending on your dancing style.

Event ideas for Valentine's Day sceptics


Conveniently, February 13th falls on a Saturday this year, a perfect day for an unforgettable party, and a good excuse to give your guests a hangover they can sleep off while the rest of the population indulges into their lovey dovey shenanigans. Tip: Not to be mistaken for the anti-Valentine's party, this one's for the Valentine's agnostics, looking for a party clean of any mention of the "next day". Forget about the decorations.


A party for those who's like to "shake off" all the Valentine's vibes floating around on the day. Get a DJ, clean up the dance floor and let the guests do their thing. Tip: create drink specials for the broken-hearted. A drink on the house for someone ripping apart the picture of their ex in front of a barman, or a round of shots, if they're bold enough to delete the ex's number.