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Your live event starts at the door. So, make sure that your guests get the best & efficient experience. Scan tickets, find names on guestlist in seconds, accept the walk-ins and know who didn't show up - all in one place.

Secure. Organized. No special skills required.

Ticket handling should take the least of an effort at your event. You need that energy for other things. Scanning tickets is a faster and a more secure method of getting your guests through the door: no messy guestlist pages, no information missed or misread and anyone of your staff can do it.

As your event starts you will know exactly how many people are at your event already and how many more to anticipate. This will also help you manage your staff better. Nearly full house? Perhaps you only need one person manning the door.

Ticket scanner + Guest List Manager = Queueing Bliss

Let's reverse the situation: you're a guest, you arrive at the event and the organizer asks you to find your name on the list spread out on the desk in front of the exit, so they can cross you off and let you take a seat. Do they have you by the name or last name? Is it full name or nickname? You can't remember. Awkward moment. Few minutes later you find your name, but the uneasiness has set and you're wondering why the event organizers use this archaic options and waste so much paper.

Guess what? People like to feel special. Welcoming them by their name feels more personal rather than asking them to sort themselves out. Queue in the mobile guestlist: ask for you guests' name, tap it in, find it seconds later and give them a heart-warming personal welcome. Minimum effort, maximum result.

Paperless is the future. A two-way gain.

For even smoother experience you might encourage your guests to bring their tickets on their smartphones. Depending on your event, chances are they will have one. Electronic ticket is less likely to be lost or faked, which gets another ball into your court - you don't need to spend time on extra customer service. And if your guests bought the ticket last-minute, they don't have to stress over finding a place to print it.

Less paper, less hassle, less trash - everyone wins.

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The Billetto Event Manager App does all of the above for you by simply using your phone. Scan tickets, find people on the guestlist even if they have forgotten their ticket and know exactly who has scanned the ticket in case of an issue.

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