The Billetto iPhone App 3.0 Has Landed

This week we’re super excited to announce the latest update to our iOS app. Say hello to the big 3.0. Check it out now by downloading it on iTunes!

You may have noticed that the sheer number of events on offer has been ramping up in a big way since our last app update. We’ve been thrilled to see the growing number of independent event organisers using Billetto as their home for online event promotion - from start to finish. Selling tickets, tracking pre-sales, scanning tickets and managing guestlists on the night – Billetto is becoming the go-to tool for easy, self-service event management.

With that in mind, the single biggest change to our iOS app aims to bring the worlds of event organisers and event goers closer together, by creating a more cohesive feel to the Billetto experience from all sides.

If you’ve followed Billetto for a while, you’ll know that we’re big fans of keeping things clean and simple. That’s why version 3.0 streamlines our iOS app family into a single, slick experience, merging our event discovery and Event Manager apps for iPhone.

But that’s not the only news. Read on for more updates included in version 3.0 of the Billetto app, and check it out now by heading here!

Discover More

With more than one million members and 15,000 of the UK and Northern Europe’s top event organisers, there’s no shortage of great things happening on the platform. It’s been great to see the Billetto love spread!

These days, scale is only half the battle. We don’t need to tell you that cutting through the noise is the real trick these days. That’s why we’re not only proud to have the quantity of events on offer that we do, but also the quality of events we’re able to showcase.

Whether you’re on a weekend getaway in sunny Stockholm, or cruising up to Dalston without a plan, the app is the perfect way to find out what’s happening in the neighbourhood and book your tickets in a few taps.

From our tech development wizards to our busy Business Developers, everyone at Billetto has the same goal – we want you to go out more.

Our team works hard to make discovering what’s happening as easy as possible - giving you the best content around while still making it super simple for you to explore. In this latest version of the app we’ve paid special attention to the details, smoothing out the experience and squeezing a little bit of freshness into each and every menu and button.

On the Job

Managing your events and discovering what else is happening on Billetto within a single app is a great idea (thank you very much). But we know that a lot of you prefer to use the Event Manager app on an iPad to manage access to your event on the night (you’re a discerning bunch).

Whether you’re selling tickets using our web till, or using the Event Manager app to access guestlists and scan tickets, the Event Manager-iPad combination is a match made in heaven. With that in mind, we’ll continue to make the Event Manager app available for iPad. However, when accessing the standalone Event Manager app on your iPhone, you’ll be redirected to the merged app (where you can quickly switch between Organiser and event discovery views by clicking the profile icon in the bottom right).


We’re also super excited to announce the launch of Inbox, a home for important updates and messages from Billetto to event organisers and their guests. Check our your Inbox now by either logging in on your desktop browser or in version 3.0 of the iOS app.

This is the first version of a feature that we’re very excited about here at Billetto HQ. For now, messages will only be sent by the Billetto team, but watch this space for exciting updates to come!

Sum Up

So, to wrap up, this latest update is a big step forward in the world of Billetto, bringing event organisers and guests into a single (app) universe. As always, we’d love for you to explore every aspect of the app to see for yourself what it’s all about. Here are the key features of Billetto 3.0:

For Guests:
  • Get inspired by exploring curated event guides
  • Buy tickets directly in the app in just a few taps
  • Follow your favourites and be the first to know when they launch a new event
  • Keep tickets safe and use the app the get in on the night
  • Browse all upcoming events for any event organiser
  • Get important news on your upcoming events with Inbox

For Event Organisers:
  • Access ticket sales stats and guestlists for all of your events: 24/7
  • Scan tickets and check in guests on the night
  • Allow multiple devices to scan tickets by giving staff a custom organiser key

Straw Poll

We love feedback, so hit us with your thoughts on this update (or anything else for that matter) on Twitter or by emailing us.

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