Why takeaway?

If you're unable to serve people in your restaurant or cafe (as is the case now during Covid-19), takeaway lets you keep the business afloat and retain customers. People are increasingly reliant on getting food delivered, which creates the perfect opportunity to offer takeaway menus.

  • Keep your kitchen open and retain loyal customers
  • Customise your offers from day to day
  • Tap into the rising demand for takeaway food
  • Sell food boxes and drink boxes
Set up your own takeaway

Ideal for

Takeaway menus

Food boxes

Drink boxes (e.g. for tasting events)

Pop-up restaurants


Why Billetto

Billetto is a flexible self-service platform that lets you start selling takeaway in minutes. As one of the largest ticketing platforms in Scandinavia, Billetto offers reach that few others can match.

  • Trusted platform with 10+ years of experience
  • Tap into our large audience of ticket buyers
  • Add booking questions to your order (dietary requirements, etc.)
  • Accept all popular credit card and mobile payments
  • No upfront costs (pay only if you sell)
  • Receive payouts quickly
  • Get personal help from our customer service team
Set up your own takeaway

How to get started

Creating a takeaway menu or a food/drinks box on Billetto is incredibly easy. All you need is to set up a series of events for the days you offer takeaway menus.

  1. Set up a new event with basic details (name, description, address)
  2. Create a separate ticket for each menu item
  3. If your menu doesn't vary day to day, simply pick "recurring event" and add extra dates.
  4. If your menu differs from day to day, create a separate event for each date.
  5. Publish your event(s) and promote the links through your channels.
  6. Start selling your food :)
Set up your own takeaway

Ready to get started?

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