How to sell tickets to your Zoom webinar / meeting

A complete beginners guide for every event type.

Zoom app is one of the video conferencing services that help you to create an online webinar or a meeting. Before you follow all the steps in this tutorial, we recommend you to read more about Zoom pricing/features on their website and decide which plan suits you better. This tutorial starts off after you have created an account on Zoom.

In your Zoom account:
  1. Go to "Meetings" (on the left-hand side)
  2. Select "Schedule a new meeting"
  3. Name your meeting by entering the "Topic" name
  4. You can also write up a description for your Zoom meeting to give it a bit of a context
  5. Select the date and time for your Zoom meeting
  6. Decide on how long your meeting / webinar is and enter the Duration
  7. If you like, you can set up a password for your meeting / webinar. The participants have to enter the password before they join
  8. If you would like your video to start automatically when you join the meeting / webinar, select "on" in the "Video" section. The same goes for your participants

There are a few other options available for your webinar:

  • Enable join before host- this allows your participants to join the meeting before you join it
  • Mute participants upon entry- by default, anyone entering the Zoom meeting will have their microphone on (if they have not muted it). We'd recommend selecting this option as participants tend to join at different times and the sound from their side might interrupt the webinar
  • Enable waiting room- this allows you to keep your participants in a virtual "meeting room" before they can join
  • Record the meeting automatically on the local computer- this enables you to record your webinar. It's a good idea if you would like to share your webinar with the participants later or use it for promotion. Please remember to mention this to your participants.

Once you're done with setting up the meeting click "Save" to create the Zoom meeting / webinar.

You will see the confirmation page after saving. Right in the middle of the page, you'll find a section called "Join URL". Copy the link in this section or click on "Copy the invitation" link to copy all the information of the meeting / webinar (this will also include the password to your meeting if you have set up one).

In your Billetto account:
  1. Start by clicking on "Create Event" at the top of the page
  2. Add thenamefor your webinar
  3. Addorganiser name- this is either your name or the name of your company/brand
  4. Type in thetime and dateof your webinar
  5. Choose "Enter manual address" & enterOnline or Zoominto the address fields.
  6. Write up adescription for your event/classand add some images if you like
  7. Choose theEvent type /Category -this helps your event to get discovered on Billetto among other similar events
  8. You can alsoadd up to 3 tagsto increase discovery
  9. For this event/class type, you can choosePaid TicketorDonationas a ticket type. Please remember to add quantity. If it's a limited class, add the number of people that can participate. If it's not limited, just choose a high number.
  10. Add an imageto illustrate your event. If you don't have an image handy, simply search for one in our freebuilt-in image library.
  11. You're ready to publish your page!


Once you have published the main page for your event, there are a few customisations you can add to achieve the example in this template.

Add custom text to order confirmation email & page

In this event template, we have included an additional order & email confirmation text to let the participants know where they can find the online event. This is perfect if you have a non-public video stream and wish to share the link only with people that give a donation or buy access. Also, you can create a video of your webinar available for replay to people that buy access as a perk. To do this:

  1. Go toMy Events
  2. ClickManageon the event page
  3. Navigate toCustomisation & Design
  4. ChooseTickets & Orders.Here you can add an additional message that is going to appear on the order confirmation email. If you want this to appear on the order confirmation page too, just tickInclude on the order confirmation page& clickSave

Add a custom booking question for participants

If you would like to collect extra information about your participants (ex. if they would like to receive your newsletter or if there's anything you should be aware of before the class starts) you can do so withBooking Questions.

  1. Go toMy Events
  2. ClickManageon the event page
  3. Navigate toCustomisation & Design
  4. ChooseBooking Questions.Here you can create questions that your participants have to answer before they complete a purchase (there's also an option to ask these questions after the purchase). Just follow the template to create a question. You can also simply follow thisguide to adding additional booking questions.

Now you can add the link to this page in your webinar description, or make it a part of your Facebook event, Instagram profile description & other promotional tools.You're ready to start meeting participants in your Zoom room.

It's easy to start and join a Zoom meeting for video meetings. As a meeting host, you can decide if you want to have a face to face interaction during the Zoom meeting or if you'd like to switch off the video and audio interaction.

Don't want to have an interaction during your meeting? You can also set up Facebook Live or Instagram Live streams.


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