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How it works

How it works

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Receive ticket revenue in your bank account

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We give you the tools to...

...publish your event in under 5 minutes and in just a few clicks

...hide your event from the public eye with a single click - send a link to those invited

...create secret tickets - visible only to people with the right access code

...manage different access levels with different ticket types

...scan people in using their unique barcode or QR code - only ticket-holders may enter the guest list in any format or use our free app to scan people in

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Sell nothing? Pay nothing. Really.

You never pay upfront to use the platform. We only take a cut when you sell a ticket. You decide who pays this fee: You or your guests.

Fee for paid tickets

5.0% + £0.6

Per ticket (Max. GBP 9.99) | Excl. VAT

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