5 Questions to Include in Your Post-Event Survey

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So your event is officially over. Yay!

Now it’s time to reach out to your guests and get their feedback. But what exactly should you ask them about in your post-event survey?

Countless questions might pop into your head. The key here is to keep your survey short and focused. You want to ask only a couple of questions and make sure they truly count.

What are those questions? We have a few ideas. (Five, if we’re counting.)

1. Rate your event experience

This is the quickest way to get feedback that you can quantify and compare. It’s also easy to answer. Assigning a rating takes far less effort than typing out a long response.

The best way to structure this question is with a matrix where people can rate different aspects of your event according to a preset scale. For instance:

Post-Event Survey Questions: How satisfied are you with...

You’ll want to keep the number of rated items to about 4-5, especially if you expect most guests to answer the survey on their mobile phone. If you want to ask more than that, consult these tips for writing matrix questions.

2. The best / worst thing about the event

If you’d like to identify exactly what worked and what didn’t, try a two-part question about the best and worst extremes. People have an easier time picking out a single amazing or awful area than having to think of everything else there’s to say.

You might consider limiting the answer length to really get to the essence. Your question could look like this:

Post-Event Survey Questions: The best and worst thing

This question lets you quickly zero in on what might need improvement without having to sort through a lot of less relevant feedback.

3. Would you recommend this event?

This simple yes/no question will give you a solid indication of whether your event was a success. Remember to ask for clarification if someone picks the "No" option. This way, you’ll at least learn what’s stopping people from becoming your advocates.

Here’s how that question might look:

Post-Event Survey Questions: Would you recommend...

Alternatively, this question can be rated on a scale - "How likely are you to recommend…" - letting you calculate a so-called Net Promoter Score to see just how well you’re doing.

4. How likely are you to attend a future event?

Are you planning to host a similar event again? Then you should include this question in your post-event survey. It’ll help you quickly identify potential repeat attendees and gauge the overall interest for such an event.

Try to give people an easy-to-understand rating scale so they can answer it with a single click. Like so:

Post-Event Survey Questions: How likely are you to attend a similar event?

You have now learned a lot about people’s thoughts on your event in just four straightforward questions. Which brings us to...

5. Please tell us more...

This optional, open-ended question is perfect for capturing any detailed feedback your guests may have. It also guarantees that nothing important is overlooked. Leave it for last, though.

First, this spares your guests from including something here that they might already cover in the other questions. Second, it lets you capture the essential ratings and responses first, in case people quit the survey upon seeing an open question.

Here’s an example:

Post-Event Survey Questions: Please tell us more

That’s it! These five questions should only take a few minutes to answer and will give you a wealth of information about your event’s strong and weak points.

Learn more about using surveys for your business in this blog by Fieldboom.

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