Organiser profile: Clémence Wambergue (Ne pleure plus)

When Clémence moved to Denmark she quickly realised that the social dining experience here is very different to the one in France: friends don’t tend to get together a table to experience different food and simply let go.

That’s how the Ne pleure plus (Don’t cry anymore) concept came to life. A group of 10-12 people gets together to experience a 5-course French meal prepared by Clémence and to socialise around the table.

We spoke to her to find out just how she made these events work.

You mentioned that you didn’t have any cooking experience before you started with the events?

I have always been very curious and have always liked to eat, that’s why I always liked to be involved in the cooking process. I have to make sure that everything tastes as I like it, but I don’t have any experience. It’s all mostly about trying to make things work.

Where did you come up with the idea for this event?

I came up with the idea when I was still living in Paris. Because I had a few friends doing this for tourists, and I thought it was a great concept. But it didn’t make any sense for me to do it in France. And when I moved to Denmark, I thought that I should use my French identity as a cook to invite people over. I’m French, they're Danish, and it’s something new.

I grew up on a big farm with sisters, and my parents also had a lot of brothers and sister, so there were always a lot of people coming over to the house, and if there were two more, we would just put two more plates, and there was always enough food, and I guess I wanted to extend this idea here.

I’m not cooking anything fancy: it’s more like a Sunday-lunch at a family, but we still have aperitif and a starter, the main dish and a coffee.

We also have this concept in France, more at the countryside, when they have a big house with a lot of extra rooms which they often rent to tourists as a B & B, and then they get to sleep in the house and they get to eat the dinner with the owner who likes to cook. And the whole idea is about introducing local regional dishes to people from the outside.

How did you decide to use Billetto for your events?

I got to know about it through some friends who are also using it for their events. Otherwise, I have used it before to get tickets for some concerts myself. And the I just looked at it and found it very easy to use, it’s super simple. I haven't even tried anything else. It was easy, free and then I just kept on using it.

At the beginning I couldn’t really control how my events were organised. I just asked people to send me MobilePay or give me cash. But with Billetto I could make sure that people buy the ticket and I would know how many people were coming. There’s a really nice thing with the list on Billetto and you can see who exactly has bought a ticket. With MobilePay I can see who paid, but with Billetto I get everything in one place.

What’s your favourite part of the event?

It’s when everyone is eating the dessert, or maybe just drinking the coffee and I just to see the whole ambience that the night has created. And then meeting the new people. The idea is that people buy tickets on Billetto but I don’t have control of who’s coming to the dinner. So, it’s often just small groups of people that don’t know each other and get to eat at the same table.

I like that I can just see that everybody had a really nice time and when they just thank me for the night - that gives me a lot of energy. I feel really good the day after.

To learn more about Clémence and her upcoming dinner experiences, check her Billetto profile now

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