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We could tell you all about how great Billetto is, but we have to say that, don't we? So don't listen to us. Have a look at what our organisers say. It warms our hearts.

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"There was no real concern from the beginning. The site looks great, it's easy to navigate, and it works really well for organisers."

"I think it's an attractive website and gives you a nice platform to present your event."

"It is very straightforward, and I don't need to pay anything - just receive my payment."

Ne Pleure Plus

"Billetto helps me come across as a professional to ticket buyers. With Billetto, I can make sure that people buy the ticket and I know how many people are coming."

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"The defining moment was when I realised how easy it is to add Custom Data Fields, which means that I can generate the content for my printed programmes directly from the Excel spreadsheet guest list. Less admin and data entry for me, which is great!"

"It looks professional, all the links are together, and you get paid very soon after the event has ended."

"Billetto was recommended to me by a fellow stand-up comic. I have used a number of ticket sites. The main issues I had with them were how hard to use they were. Billetto is much simpler. It also charges a lower booking fee than a lot of sites."

Copenhagen Gin Fest

" It’s easy, I don’t have to sign anything before selling my tickets, I just added it on the screen from my office at home, and then I have created my event."

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"It's simple, well designed, has a good interface and offers good value booking fees to buyers."

"Honestly give it a try. It pays for itself and is a godsend for event organisers big and small."

"Easy to use and straightforward. Great company to use."

Nordic Growth Hackers

"Number one is that it just works. It’s easy to put a link up on the web. It’s easy for people to get their tickets. It’s easy for us to see how many people actually register."

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"It allows people to host events without having to do the hard work of ticketing."

"Straightforward, gives me clear, professional platform to sell tickets, and promotes to Billetto network, too."

"We're happy with Billetto! It's easy, smart, and fast"

Annette Lolck

"I enjoy using Billetto, because it’s easier for me to manage my events. I can quickly see my guest list. And I also like the fact that I can see how fast the sales are going."

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"I am always a little wary of trying online systems having had my fingers burnt in the past but no need to worry, give it a try, Billetto is fab!"

"It's great to be able to upload a lot of info and images and Billetto have included us in their newsletters which have really helped raise awareness to our events."

"My experience so far has shown Billetto to provide an efficient and effective service."


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