Plan your New Year's Eve party with Billetto

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New Year's Eve is possibly the biggest event of the year, and you really want to plan it right. Billetto can help you sell the event right, sell tickets and promote your event to the audience you want, and get people through the door without queuing. Want to sell the tickets to your New Year's Eve party? Do it the Billetto way:

  • Step 1. Create a neat event page for your New Year's party. Choose to make it private or public.
  • Step 2. Sell tickets to your event. Choose to simply charge an entry fee or add VIP or Early Bird options with additional goodie bags, drink packages and more.
  • Step 3.
    Find out if your guests have any special food preferences by adding a simple form.
  • Step 4. Send out invitations and spread the word through your social networks.
  • Step 5. Add your event to the Billetto event discovery community.
  • Step 6. Don't keep your guests waiting - use Billetto's Organiser App on your iOS device to check guests in as they arrive.

After the party is over, collect your money and repeat again.

How to plan your New Year's party like a pro

(without actually being one)

  • Guests. A great party starts with the great guests. Who would you like to see at your party? Do you know if they're on board for the entirety, or will they be party-hopping throughout? Start your planning with your guests in mind.
  • Venue. Once you have your guest list sorted and have a rough idea about the numbers - pick a venue. But be quick, it's possibly the one day of the year where most of the venues are booked well in advance.
  • Theme. If you've already picked your guests and your venue this one should be a no-brainer: is it a themed dress up party or a refined soireĆ©?
  • Food and Drinks. Whether you're hosting a dinner, or putting simple snacks on offer, make sure you get your guests' food preferences right. And when it comes to the drinks, make sure you have plenty of champagne to ring in the New Year with.
  • Entertainment. Have some ice-breaking games ready or a hire some performers to keep your guests occupied before midnight. After they've drank all the champagne, watched fireworks and got to know each other, they can dance themselves happy into the early hours to the DJ - or your signature party playlist.
  • Budget. Estimate the number of your guests, get a quote for the venue, entertainment and food (always in writing) and put together an overall budget. Calculate how much each guest should pay in order for your budget to even out and you will get an approximate for your ticket cost.
  • Invites. As soon as you book your venue and entertainment, you have to send out the invites pronto. You don't want to miss out on your guests making other plans on the day.
  • Marketing. Create a page for you event, share it on your social media networks, ask guests to invite friends and share the event. Create Early Bird tickets to encourage guests to book in advance, or run a contest (or two) offering free tickets.
  • Backup plan. Don't just have a great plan in place - have a backup plan for all of the above as well. At the end of the day, you'll probably also want to enjoy the celebration. Having a plan B ready for whatever happens will ensure a peace of mind and - importantly - will give you more time to have fun at your own party.

Why should you sell your New Year's party tickets online?

Simple. You want to make sure that people show up at your event. Here are only a few benefits for selling your tickets online:

  • More reliable than a Facebook click
    People are more likely to show up at the event if they have spent money on buying the ticket for it - rather that just saying they're "Interested".
  • Live budget updates
    You'll know exactly how much money you have earned and if you need to sell more tickets to get your event up and running.
  • A reliable source for your guests
    When you sell your tickets through a reputable source, like Billetto, your guests are more likely to trust that your event is legitimate.
  • Easier to manage your event at the door
    Online tickets don't require printing. This limits the possibility of loosing or faking a ticket, and helps you check your guests in faster at the door.

Selling tickets online is easier than you think. Simply create an event, add tickets and start selling.

This is the first step to your next big event