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Never print a ticket again. Explore and share events from friends and the world around you.

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Event Match

Never miss an event again! Get tailored event recommendations in the app. Simply swipe left to unlike an event and swipe right to like and save the event for later. The more you swipe the better the recommendations get.

Why choose Billetto?

A simple app for your event tickets & management

A simple app for your event tickets & management

Keep up to date with the latest local event news. When you are not at an event in person the app is your event concierge, giving you the latest announcements and letting you know where your friends are going next.

Enhance your live experience

Billetto is at its best during events. Besides keeping track of your tickets and helping you smoothly through the door the app will ensure you get the most out of your event.

Manage your events on the go

Switch to the Event Manager when you create your own event on Billetto. Use the app to sell tickets at the door, scan the guests in and tracking your ticket sales across all the venue entrances.

For event organisers

Scan tickets for your event

Use the app to scan people into your event. It's the simplest event management tool around. Sync multiple phones to scan tickets from multiple locations. Billetto app keeps tabs on your ticket sales, live event stats and helps you get the guests quicker to avoid queuing.

For ticket buyers

Discover new experiences

Use the app to discover new experiences in your city, book tickets on the go and show your ticket at the door.


Use the app to find new experiences around you. Use the filter to search by category, time, location or a specific event organiser.

Not sure if you're ready to purchase a ticket to an event? Save it for later in the app. Follow your favourite event organsiers to stay up-to-date with new events.

Buy the tickets directly in the app. Save your card details for 1-click payment in the future - it's never been easier to purchase tickets with Billetto.

Save the trees and keep your ticket in your pocket. When you buy a ticket or on your computer, it's automatically saved in your ticket profile - all ready to be checked at the event.


For event organisers

Live updates across all devices

When your event is live, you can follow the stats on all of the devices connected to your organiser profile: people scanned in / out of the venue and online / door sales.

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