In-Person Payments Simple POS solution

Selling tickets at the door has never been easier. Buy one of our card readers, connect with the app and you’re ready to sell. Everything in one place.

Once you have the app, you can be selling within minutes. No training for staff needed.
EMV-certified terminals. Our hardware is pre-certified so that customer's card detail are securely encrypted and safe.
Best-in-class technology, keeping your box office running smoothly with no queue.

Centralised event insights.

Get a complete overview of all your sales data, whether from your online presale or in person on the day. Gain insights into your revenue distribution, better customer insights and upsell in the future

Straightforward payments.

Collect card payments at the door. Our hardware is secure, easy to use and is connected directly to your Billetto event.

All in one hardware.

Save time and hassle of having to manage different payment types, we've got you covered. Whether it's Google Pay, Apple Pay, Visa, Mastercard, it's all integrated!


How do I start using In Person Payments?
Download the Billetto app, sign into your organiser account and navigate to the event you wish to sell for. Choose if you wish to use Billetto's card readers or your own.
How long will it take to setup?
Once you have the app, you can be selling within minutes. No training for staff needed.
How do I connect the card reader to my iPhone/iPad?
Through our problem free integration. Turn on the reader. Choose Stripe Terminal as the payment method in the Billetto App. Through Bluetooth the device will be found. Confirm connection and take the card payment.
I have more questions
We're here to help you find the best solution for you, reach out to our support team at or visit our help center.

Ready to start selling?

Order your device and receive it within 3-5 working days. Download the app and you'll be ready for your next sale

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