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  • Setup is a snap
  • If you can make an event on Facebook, you can make one on Billetto. Promise.

  • Collect payments like a pro
  • We handle all the boring admin stuff like payment processing. All major credit cards covered.

  • Every tool you need
  • From managing your guest list to scanning tickets at the door. It's all here. We're fancy like that.

  • Zero upfront costs
  • We earn money from a low fee of 3.5% + £0.40 per ticket. You decide who pays: You or your guests.

    Handle your gig ticketing online

    Want to do gig ticketing online? Try Billetto. We’re a ticketing site that lets you create an event page, sell tickets, track sign-ups, and more. Any gig is welcome - from indie rock bands to acoustic acts to established artists.

    Creating an event page on Billetto is as easy as creating an event on Facebook. Once it’s live, you can sell tickets, vouchers, merchandise, or simply track sign-ups to your gig directly through the event page.

    We also make it easy to promote your gig. The event page itself is designed to look great on any device, be it a mobile phone, a tablet, or a computer. You can also use our ticket widget to embed your gig page on your own website or blog. And, of course, your gig will also get listed on Billetto where potential buyers can find it by browsing and searching for events. We serve over 500,000 ticket buyers a year.

    The best part? You pay nothing out of pocket to use Billetto. Instead, whenever someone buys a ticket to your gig, we charge a small booking fee. You decide whether to absorb this fee or pass it on to your guests. Ready to get started? Your gig page can be live in the next 5 minutes.


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