Five tips for planning a great aerobics class

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Every aerobics class is different, as it should be. However, there are some principles that apply to an activity of any kind that you should keep in the back of your mind the next time you're organising an event.

Doing aerobics together is more fun, but take it to the next level with some careful planning and you can make your aerobics an experience in themselves. How about renting a rooftop, a night club or a museum? Just make sure you get these five key areas prepared carefully, to ensure the success of your class.

Tip 1: Choose your aerobics class location carefully

Your location choice can make or break a good event. Is it a great location but it takes a long time to get to for the guests? Perhaps you want to include some perks for the guests to arrive on time or possibly provide transport to and from the event if it fits the budget. Consider if the location will fit all your guests, will go along with your arranged theme and if it has all the facilities you need to run the event successfully.

Tip 2: Plan your budget wisely

Don't guesstimate all the way. First, when you're planning your aerobics class you can just guess how many attendees you have to account for when getting quotes for food, drinks & setting the ticket prices. However, when you have most of your tickets sold, you might want to adjust your numbers to make sure you meet the budget you set. And remember to always get all quotes and conditions in writing.

Tip 3: Become a master timekeeper

When you're organising an aerobics class you will be the first person in and the last person out, so good timekeeping during every stage of planning and running your event is essential. Don't keep your guests waiting, but do make a little extra time for some unexpected emergencies.

Tip 4: Make smart food & drink choices

As for anything else involved in your class planning the key is in details. Providing food during your event? Perhaps you need to ask your guests for any food preferences & allergies. And if you're letting your guests pay for their food, make sure they really get their value for money.

Tip 5: Have a solid game plan + a reliable team

A master plan is essential for any event & a helping hand is always in need. Even if you're running a small get-together you might want to ask some friends for help to make sure everything goes efficiently. Remember, when you're organising an event, it's the guest's time that counts. No waiting time and constant flow is the key to successful aerobics class.

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