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Share your event via social media and email. Add ticket sales to your website and Facebook event.


You decide who pays: You or your guests. Free events are just that - free! We charge no fee on those.


After your event ends, we’ll process the revenue in 3-5 business days and send it to your bank account.


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Online ticket creator for your events

Need to create a ticket for your event? Want to make different types of tickets? Try Billetto. You can add any type of ticket you want and then sell the tickets online or get tickets for printing.

Our ticketing platform lets you make different event tickets for your guests: Create free tickets, paid tickets, vouchers, and more. Promote your event page to sell tickets online or generate tickets for printing. It’s your choice.

Once your event is set up, generating tickets takes only a few clicks. Specify the amount and type of printable tickets you need and tell us what email to send them to. You’ll get a printable PDF ticket in your inbox within minutes. These printable tickets will come with a unique ID, barcode, and QR code - making it easy to scan tickets and identify your guests.

Billetto is a great alternative to having to design your own tickets. We take care of the ticket creation, so you can focus on making your event a success.

How it works

How it works

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Create your event & add tickets

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Promote your page to sell tickets online & register guests

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Receive ticket revenue in your bank account

Here's how to get started

We give you the tools to...

...set up an event page using a simple point-and-click process

...promote your event on social media or your own site

...manage your guest list and ticket sales

...sell tickets, vouchers, and merchandise; accept payments from all major credit cards

...track everything from page visits to revenue a better event by scanning tickets at the door and keeping track of who shows up

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Sell nothing? Pay nothing. Really.

You never pay upfront to use the platform. We only take a cut when you sell a ticket. You decide who pays this fee: You or your guests.

Fee for paid tickets

5.0% + £0.6

Per ticket (Max. GBP 9.99) | Excl. VAT

30.000+ organisers have already sold tickets

We've helped over 30.000 organisers - from yoga teachers to indie bands to large festivals - promote events and sell tickets.

"I can always easily go have a look at my guest list."

- Annette Dance workshop

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"Billetto helps me come across as a professional to ticket buyers."

- Clémence Private dinner

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"The simple story is that it just does the job well."

- Morten Tech meetup

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"It's easy. It's a smart system. That's it."

- Jacob Rosengren Copenhagen Gin Festival

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"It's extremely user-friendly, and you can really make it your own."

- Josh Lenn International Theater Stockholm

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