Billetto event planning guide

Tips, checklists and suggestions - everything you need to know about event planning and more.

Event planning software with Billetto

With Billetto, ticket sales is taken care of and you can focus on promoting, planning and executing your event. Learn more about how you can plan your event better with Billetto.

Ticket Scanning

Your live event starts at the door. So, make sure that your guests get the best & efficient experience. Scan tickets, find names on guest list in seconds, accept the walk-ins and know who didn't show up - all in one place.

Promotion of your event

You've planned your event now, so how do you go about making people know that it's all happening and that it's THE event they're supposed to find themselves on the day?

Event planning checklist template

We've put together a sample event planning template you can adjust to the size of your party. The gist remains the same: plan well ahead and you'll need to worry little during the event itself.

Key tips for event planning

Every event is different, as it should be. However, there are some principles that apply to an event of any kind that you should keep in the back of your mind the next time you're planning your celebration.

Valentine's Day event ideas

Valentine's Day is coming up soon. So, if you're an event organiser or just fancy throwing a party around that day, we have a few suggestions for making this day special for your guests.

How to create an event

Create your event on Billetto today and you will get more than just an event page. Here are some of the Billetto features you will get access to right away

Creating an online ticket shop

Whatever your setup, the goal should be to make buying tickets to your events as easy as possible for your customers. How you achieve this depends on a few factors – for example budget, technical ability and time.

Embed a ticket widget to your site

To help you get started, we’ve put together a quick walkthrough to show you what the widget looks like (…really good), what it does (…everything you need), and how to set it up for your own events now.

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