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Event Management Course

Want to organise a successful event? Great! That’ll require a bit of preparation and effort on your part. While you can just wing it and hope things work out, knowing some event management basics will help you host better, more successful events.

Event management principles and best practices can be learned. Whether you’re a seasoned organiser or planning your very first event, you can always get better at it.

Below is a collection of articles on event planning and management. It’s yours to use as a self-study event management course.

The course will guide you through the five main stages of planning and managing your event.

  • Event planning: Initial planning steps, from finding inspiration to brainstorming ideas to coming up with a solid event plan.
  • Event management: Organising the event - creating an event page, securing a venue, and negotiating with vendors.
  • Event promotion: All about marketing your event and selling tickets, from pricing the event to email and social media marketing.
  • At the event: Hosting the event - scanning tickets, keeping your guests engaged, and ensuring everything runs smoothly.
  • After the event: What to do after it’s over - follow-up with your vendors, guest surveys, and analysing how things went.

Enjoy learning new tricks in our step-by-step course below.

1. Event planning

Where do you find inspiration for a great event? How do you take that inspiration and turn it into an actionable event plan? Read on.

2. Event management

Now it’s time to move from planning to action. How do you create an attention-grabbing event page? What’s the right venue for your event? How do you select vendors and negotiate contracts?

3. Event promotion

Marketing your event is the key to success. How do you promote your event and get people to sign up? Which channels do you use? What is the best way to sell more tickets?

4. At the event

The big day is here. How do you set things up smoothly before the guests show up? What tools can you use to keep track of the arriving guests and scan their tickets? How do you make sure everyone’s happy and engaged?

5. After the event

The event is over, but you still have work to do. You’ve got to do your finances, send out “thank you” letters, and analyse the event performance.

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