5 Mobile Apps Your Event Attendees Will Love

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The day of your big event draws near. By all accounts, your event promotion was a success. You’re expecting a lot of guests; maybe even a full house.

Now that the “getting people to show up” part has been taken care of, let’s talk about the “getting them to participate and have fun” part. Specifically, let’s talk about mobile apps that help engage your attendees. There are heaps of apps out there, so it’s not always easy to pick out the ones that’ll work for your event. That’s why we’ve done that for you.

Here are five apps that’ll help your attendees make more out your event.

1. Patook: Meet other guests

Event apps: Patook

Patook: It’s like Tinder, but with a lot less flirting. Zero flirting, to be exact. Patook is all about making friends. It boasts a point system that helps people find matches based on their preferences and common interests.

They’re not joking about the “no flirting” policy, either. People trying to use pick up lines or clearly hitting on others get automatically banned by the app’s algorithm. Harsh? Perhaps. But it helps keep things clean and focused on making platonic connections.

So what’s this good for? No matter what your event is about, there’s quite likely a networking element to it. Patook helps your attendees meet each other, whether they’re business people attending a conference or wine lovers sampling fine Chablis at your wine tasting event. Throwing a party? Patook might also help your guests break the ice and start a conversation.

Why not mention the app to your guests (maybe in your event description?) and suggest giving it a try? It can’t hurt, and it may just make your event that much more fun for your attendees.

2. Namerick: Never forget a name

Event apps: Namerick

There’s that guy you’ve met at the last concert. You had such a lovely chat. Now he’s heading your way. Quick, what’s his name? John? Bob? Mordecai? It’s Mordecai, isn’t it?

We’ve all been there. Remembering names is hard, especially if you’ve met a whole lot of people within a short span of time. Like at an awesome event, for instance. Namerick to the rescue!

Namerick helps you remember names. You can quickly enter a person’s name into the app (it even tries to auto-predict the name using US Census data), add a few key details about the person, and place them into a category. But that’s not the cool bit. Namerick also creates an oddball, catchy phrase to go with the person. “Fred Floats Felines” is so much more memorable than just “Fred.” (No offence to Fred.)

To really make sure you remember Fred, Namerick can even send you reminder messages at predetermined intervals. Fred will haunt your memories, but you’ll never forget Fred.

Sadly, Namerick is only available for iOS devices. So it’s only the iPhone-carrying event attendees who’ll get to remember who Fred is.

3. CamCard: Easily swap contacts

Event apps: CamCard

CamCard has a decidedly business slant. It’d likely be overkill for informal events. But for professional events, CamCard is indispensable.

At its core, CamCard is an app to scan, store, and share business cards. When someone hands you a physical card, the app can instantly scan it, recognise the information, and store the details. In fact, CamCard claims to be able to recognise cards in 17 languages.

But who even wants to carry a stack of business cards anymore? With CamCard, you can easily exchange electronic business cards with nearby users - from phone to phone, skipping the paper altogether.

Not only does CamCard store your cards, it lets you organise them as you see fit and access them from anywhere, on any device. There’s also a dedicated business solution that lets you integrate contact information with Salesforce, Outlook, and other software.

If you’re organising a professional conference or networking event, make sure your attendees know about CamCard, as it’ll make their lives a lot easier. The free version lets them scan up to 200 cards, so there’s no risk in giving it a try.

4. GooseChase: Treasure hunts and more

Event apps: GooseChase

This one’s perfect for activity-focused, outdoor events. GooseChase lets you organise scavenger hunts and team games. Event attendees use their mobiles to participate and score points, completing different missions and challenges.

GooseChase offers three broad types of missions:

  1. Missions centred around taking pictures and videos of your guests performing predefined activities.
  2. Text-based missions where guests have to solve puzzles or answer riddles
  3. GPS-based missions that have attendees checking in at various locations or solving location-based puzzles.

There’s a bank of 100+ tested missions to choose from, but you can always design your own entirely from scratch. The only limit is your creativity.

GooseChase is free for recreational use, but if you’re expecting a lot of attendees, you’ll have to shell out money to organise the games. If your event is all about the scavenger hunt, GooseChase may well be worth a try.

5. VoxVote: Live audience voting

Event apps: VoxVote

Want a fun way to engage your event attendees? Get them to vote and answer questions. People like sharing their opinions. This works especially well if your event has live presenters. They can incorporate audience voting into their presentations to make these more interactive.

Enter VoxVote: a simple way to add live audience voting to your event. Your speakers can prepare their questions in advance - multiple-choice, ranked, or even open ones - and run them during the event itself. The guests then either vote directly via their browser or download a dedicated app for their mobile phone.

Voting results appear in real time and can make great fodder for further discussions. Multiple-choice questions will display as a graph, while open-answers are used to generate a wordcloud of commonly used words. The presenters can later review and export the responses for further analysis.

VoxVote is free for up to five events. If you’re planning on using it for a large number of events, you can easily buy extra event credits.

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