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With the constant streamlining of brand-to-fan features on social media, and explosive growth in communities on relatively new platforms like Slack, the demise of email as we know it is surely not far off. But, for now anyway, email is definitely not dead and still a great way to stay engaged with your fans. In fact – here's a crazy stat – email reaches 3 times more people than Facebook and Twitter combined!

Regular newsletters are a brilliant way to update followers on your latest news and event announcements. Email can also be a great channel for sharing exclusive content with your most dedicated fans; for example, giving them earlybird access to ticket on-sales, sending them access codes for discount offers or sneak peeks at the lineup.

Getting Started

Just starting out? Research strategies to start growing your email subscriber list. Starting from scratch can be an intimidating prospect, but the work you put in now can bring big payoffs later. It's all about building a relationship with your subscribers and providing them added value for signing up.

Your first port of call should be your existing audience and fans of your events. Enlist fans to sign up with messages and promoted posts to your social media profiles. Embed easy-to-use signup forms on your website or blog and capitalise on that traffic and give visitors a chance to stay updated.

Make sure you reach out to attendees at your event by email a few days after the big day. Give them a quick thank you for coming down, and ask them if they'd like to receive a heads up on your next event or sign up for your regular newsletter. You'd be surprised how many will get on board with a friendly nudge.

There is a lot of great research out there about email marketing, so be sure to read up on best practice to maximise the return on your investment. But also read up on email marketing laws in your country to make sure you're playing by the rules.

As for tools to manage your email marketing efforts, whether you're in the early days or already have a subscriber base in the 10s of thousands we recommend Mailchimp for it's easy-to-use editor and list management tools. It's free to sign up and has some great resources to help you find your feet.

Pro Tip: There's competition raging in the inbox, so wow your fans with great design every time you reach out to keep them engaged longterm. Check out this list of 60+ fantastic email newsletters, or (cheeky plug alert) sign up to the Billetto newsletter to see how we do it!

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