Why donations?

Donations are a great way to tap into the social fabric and let people support the causes, places, and activities they love.

  • People want the chance to help
  • Donation pages are easy to set up and manage
  • You can run them entirely online
  • You don't have to offer a product or service
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Ideal for

Online fundraisers

"Pay what you can"

Events with optional donations



Why Billetto

As one of the largest self-service ticketing platforms in Scandinavia, Billetto offers reach that few others can match. More than 1000 organisers have successfully used our platform to collect donations.

  • Trusted platform with 10+ years of experience
  • Tap into our large audience of ticket buyers
  • Accept credit cards and mobile payments out of the box
  • Receive payouts quickly once your donation drive ends
  • Get personal help from our customer service team
Set up a donation page

How to get started

It's incredibly easy to collect donations on Billetto. All you need is an event with a "Donation" ticket type.

  1. Create a new event with basic details
  2. Add a "Donation" ticket
  3. Publish your event
  4. Share via email and social media
  5. Start collecting donations
See the full guide to setting up a donation page

Ready to get started?

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