Billetto has quickly become the go-to platform for a wide range of event organisers: from food-related sessions to gigs, to stand up comedy and more.

Promotional power

Billetto lets your event get the attention it deserves. Creating events is easy, you’ll get started in minutes and your tickets will get on sale instantly. In addition to being discovered through search engines your event will gain an extra dimension for exposure: the Billetto Event app (and the Billetto website).

Slick, responsive page for your event

We’re always trying to make our design smoother, edgier and cooler. All you need to do is add a few images, videos or whatever other peps you choose and we make sure your event page looks great on any phone, computer or smartphone.

Optimised for Google

Non-technical summary: we’re working very hard to make your event easier to find on the net. Technical mumbo-jumbo: our sitemap is constantly updated to reflect all new events, including yours & Google quickly discovers it and displays your event high in the search results. We’re continuously optimising our pages and server architecture for SEO to improve the position of your event even further.

Optimised for social sharing

Each event page is customised to match Facebook’s search standard, and tweaked to look its best when anyone shares your event online. Your event page has some handy share buttons, and each ticket buyer is encouraged to further share your event with their friends.

Everyone’s a pro

You’re getting a pro account for free. You don’t have to upgrade your Billetto account, or jump through hoops to get access to special features. Even if you only organise small events you will have access to the same powerful tools and features as our most advanced organisers.

Size doesn’t matter

Big or small - Billetto supports all kinds of events. There are no plans to choose from and nothing to decide. It’s easy to create an event and add a bunch of options if you’re organizing a dinner party or a full-blown festival.

No monthly fees

If you only want to organise a once-off event you shouldn’t have to pay monthly fees for the entire year. In fact, we don’t charge you at all. And if your tickets are free you won’t pay anything, ever. Instead, there’s a small fee that your attendees pay on top of the ticket price.

Low and easy prices

We want to let you create awesome events, not bore you with complicated pricing models and administration. Check our current prices, and remember that it's up to you as an organiser to decide if the fee is included or added on top of the ticket price.

Mobile app

Our iPhone app is packed with features giving you the power of Billetto in the palm of your hand. All Billetto events can be purchased through the app, and if you’re organising an event on Billetto you can constantly monitor how many tickets you’ve sold and how much revenue your event has generated. And the coolest part? You can scan your event tickets with it too.

Simple and easy

It takes only about 5 minutes to set up your event and start selling tickets. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.

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