5 Tips for creating a perfect Christmas event page

Hosting a Christmas event? Looking to sell tickets? One thing that can make or break the final deal for buying the tickets to your Christmas party is your actual Christmas event page. Read on and learn how a perfectly designed Christmas event page can boost your tickets sales.

1. Start with an image

A great image makes a great page. Choose a high-resolution image with minimal writing - leave the text for the event description. Don't have an image? Need inspiration? Check out our pick of 11 great event images from Billetto organisers and find your image on one fo the 7 great resources for free stock photos.

2. Add tickets

Add tickets to your event page, even if your event is free. Think about different options for each ticket: what each ticket includes, what it's called and how long the ticket is available for sale. A great trick for boosting your Christmas event ticket sales is to offer "Early Bird", "Early Bird VIP" and other limited tickets that are only available until a certain date. Make sure that you let the potential attendees know what the cut off time is for the Early Bird tickets.

3. Work on your description

You caught attention with the image and the title, now it's time to let your attendees know what they're getting for their money. Use the description to give as much detail about the event as possible: if you have a special musical lineup, and agenda for performances, a special dinner menu. If you have pictures from the previous similar events - put them in the description as well. Lost for words? Check out our 11 Killer event pages with great descriptions for inspiration.

4. Get extra details from the guests

Christmas is a special time and you probably don't want to leave your attendees disappointed. Make sure you get as much detail about your attendees as possible. Hosting a dinner? Add an additional form and ask your attendees about their dietary preferences or what they prefer to drink; or ask for the participants' dress size if you're hosting a sports event with T-shirts provided. Anything to make the experience for your attendees as personalised as possible.

5. Don't forget the extras

Upsell. Get some extra value from your event by offering extra add-ons that your guests can pick up at the Party: Christmas gifts for kids, extra merch you're selling or drinks vouchers. This will add an extra stream of revenue for you and also will give you better approximate numbers for stocking up.

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