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SOULTRIBE is a collective of young musicians from London who put on live music gigs and projects that push forward Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B music.

SOULTRIBE realised that it was important to sell tickets to raise funds for the expenses and take their events to even bigger stages.

Photos by Dea Urovi

Billetto solution

HOUSEOFVIBES was the first event that SOULTRIBE organised with Billetto. It was important for them to have physical tickets that the guests could scan at the venue. They've considered getting scannable wristbands but opted for the Billetto solution instead.

Billetto lets their guests automatically get a PDF ticket that can be easily scanned on their smartphone or as a physical printout. Guests can also use the Billetto app to store all their tickets and get them scanned at different events.

"Easy, cheap, ticketing website that helps you organise your event happily. We were able to expand our mailing list to communicate more events in the future."

Photos by Dea Urovi

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