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A Most Curious

Wedding Fair


A Most Curious Wedding Fair is not just another wedding fair. It's a celebration of great design, fashion and lifestyle trends incorporated in a carefully curated show, full of inspiration for the coolest couples. It involves nearly 160 vendors, fashion shows, live music, inspirational venue stylings, craft beers, coffees and food from Palm and much more.

Attended by stylists, influencers, rock stars, artists and creatives, this is the biggest, indie style-focused show in the UK, with roots in a passion for good design, fashion, the lifestyle trends you love. It hardly feels like a wedding show at all - more of a coming together of great ideas, innovation in the industry, with slick design, hipster leanings but plenty of heart and magic.

Billetto solution

The most important thing for A Most Curious Wedding Fair is to get the approximate numbers of people attending their events over multiple days. A ticketing solution is a must for the VIP tickets (only available online), as these include special goodie bags that have to be prepared before the event starts each day.

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