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Billetto is more than just a tool for selling tickets and managing your events. It's a community. A community of the passionate event organisers and eager event goers. We've created this platform so you could easily create and share your event with our growing community, no matter how big or small your event.


We trust that all the organisers that run tickets through Billetto comply with our Terms. However, we do keep an eye on the general event overview to make sure that our terms are not violated, in order to protect the ticket buyers from fraudulent activities. Our support team is always ready to help any ticket buyer or event organiser with any request regarding an event.

Brand trust

Billetto event discovery community is trusted by many ticket buyers and event organisers around Europe. The ticket buyers recognise Billetto name as an established platform for ticket purchase and are more likely to commit. In return, event organisers get the people who are really interested in their event to attend and have a third-party support resource to help the attendees with the ticket purchase.

Ticket buyers

We, at Billetto, want you to go out more, experience new things and discover amazing places. We're also here to help you with any queries you have in relation to ticket purchase or your Billetto account information. However, if you have a question in relation to the event details, such as refund policy, special ticket prices, event times and other, you have to get in touch with the event organiser. Here are some of the frequently asked questions in relation to buying tickets on Billetto.

Have any other questions? You can get in touch with our support or check the FAQ page for more answers.

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Event organisers

No matter how big or small your event is, it's always welcome on Billetto. Our organisers put together yoga classes, student parties, concerts, lectures, cooking shows, festivals and many more. It's easy to get started and share your event with the Billetto community. All free to you, with the small fee charged to your guest when they buy a ticket. And if you have any questions, we have some of the FAQs lined up below. Otherwise, you can always contact our support directly.

Have any other questions? You can get in touch with our support or check the FAQ page for more answers.

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