5 Awesome (Free!) Tools to Spice Up Your Event Page

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You know what your upcoming event deserves?

A stunning event page that grabs people’s attention, draws them in, and gets them excited about attending.

But maybe you’re no graphic designer and - frankly - don’t see yourself becoming one overnight. Don’t worry: We’re certainly no visual gurus ourselves.

Well, guess what? We’re in luck. There’s no shortage of free, easy-to-use tools that’ll make your event page shine. Yes, even if you’re a complete amateur, like us.

We’ve already talked you through the key elements of a killer event page. Now let’s look at five excellent free tools that can help you spice up that event page like a true pro.

1. LibreStock: Find fantastic, free stock photos

Free tools for your event page: LibreStock

Your event page will need some great images. Or at least a single, eye-catching header image. If you don’t have any professional photos at your disposal, you’ll want to look for some online.

Now, we bet you’ve seen articles titled "17 sites with free stock photos" and "5 places to find free stock images." We may have even written one ourselves. (Guilty as charged.)

Here’s what you certainly didn’t do: Go through every single one of those dozens of sites to look for the perfect photo. You probably just picked a site you liked and stuck with it.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a sort of meta search engine that looked through all those sites for you?

There is! Meet LibreStock.

LibreStock is a site that searches through - at present - 47 other free stock photo websites to find images you can use.

It boasts a combined library of 53.000+ high-quality photos you can use free of charge and without any attribution. Simply type in your keywords and watch those pictures pop up in search results. From there, you simply click on the image you want to go to the relevant free stock photo site and download it. That’s it.

Notably, a couple of known sites - e.g. Unsplash.com - appear to be missing from the LibreStock search list. But for those that are included, it’s an incredibly easy way to comb through tons of images with a single search query.

Is there a paid version?

Nope. It’s completely free. Just pure, unlimited access to tens of thousands of great stock photos.

2. Canva: Design beautiful banners, posters, and more

Free tools for your event page: Canva

Now that you’ve found an attractive image you’d like to use, it’s time to make it your own. You may want to crop it, tweak some colours, insert text, and maybe even add a few icons to touch it up.

Is there a way to do that without downloading and mastering some tricky photo-editing software?


Canva is a website where you can design banners, posters, images for social media, email headers, and so on. It’s insanely easy to use. Just point, type, click, drag, and drop. If you can play Solitaire on your computer, you can use Canva. Honest.

Canva’s own tagline confidently claims, "It only takes 23 seconds to learn." And you know what? We have no reason to doubt that (strangely precise) figure. You might even sneak in a sip of coffee in that time.

You can pick from hundreds of thousands of images or upload your own. Add filters, insert thousands of different elements like icons and shapes, customise text with hundreds of fonts, and so much more. All by pointing and clicking. It’s almost addictive in its simplicity.

The only hurdle to getting started is that you’ll first need to make a Canva account. You can register with email, Facebook, or Google. Trust us, it’s well worth the trouble.

Is there a paid version?

Yup. It’s called "Canva for Work" and will cost you $12.95 per month (or $9.95 if billed for a full year). The paid version adds team collaboration features, the ability to upload custom fonts, organise your photos with folders, receive priority support, and the like.

3. Infogr.am: Create awesome infographics in no time

Free tools for your event page: Infogr.am

Maybe you want more than just a cool image? Perhaps you’d like to share some stats and numbers about your event with potential guests...without simultaneously boring them to tears.

Is that even possible?

You bet!

Infogr.am is a place that lets you create beautiful, shareable infographics using a collection of themes and 35+ types of charts. You can even play with maps (although the free account limits their number to two - USA and World).

It’s really intuitive and lets you create your first infographic within minutes. You can start by picking a design that catches your fancy and then tweaking the numbers. Or you can first import your numbers from lots of sources: file upload, Google Drive spreadsheet, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more.

From there, you click a few buttons and drag a few objects around to turn your dull data into a funky infographic that looks great and tells a story. If you want, add some smart quotes or other text to give it context. Voila, you’re all done.

As with Canva, you’ll need to first sign up for an account using Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, or good old email. Again, it’s fast and worth the hassle.

Is there a paid version?

Yup. There’s a Pro version (from $19 per month), a Business version (from $67 per month), and an Enterprise version. Additional features include premium themes, analytics, customised branding, and dedicated support. You can see the full pricing vs. feature overview right here.

4. Make A GIF: Make - surprise! - GIFs

Free tools for your event page: Make A GIF

The problem with images and infographics is that they are, by definition, static. Say you wanted to inject a bit of motion into your page.

How about making your very own GIF with...MakeAGIF.com?

The site is as straightforward as they come. First, you select a video source for the GIF. You can upload a video from your computer, copy-paste a YouTube link, or record a new video directly from your webcam. You can even rework an existing GIF or put together a bunch of separate pictures to create an animated GIF from scratch.

After that, you specify which parts of the video to turn into a GIF, the required resolution, and a few other parameters. You can also choose whether the GIF should include sound.

Unlike Canva and Infogr.am, you don’t have to sign up for an account to use MakeAGIF.com. But if you do register - which is still free - you’ll unlock more neat options like the ability to remove the "MakeAGIF" watermark, add text to your GIFs, get increased frame rates and better resolution, etc.

Word of warning: While it’s fun, try not to get too carried away with adding lots of GIFs to your event page. They’re usually pretty heavy and will make your page slow to load if there are too many of them.

Is there a paid version?

Yup. You can go Premium for $11.99 per month. This removes all advertisements, lets you add your own watermark, make even better quality GIFs, and more. Check out the pricing here.

5. Shopify Slogan Maker: Discover catchy slogans

Free tools for your event page: Shopify Slogan Maker

All right. You now have a gorgeous-looking event page with an amazing header image, cool charts, and maybe a GIF or two. All that’s missing is a good catchphrase for the event. Something that captures the event’s personality and makes it truly memorable.

Easier said than done, right? Most of us aren’t exactly Hemingways and may not be particularly good at using words to...word...things. Besides, even the best creative folks face writer’s block every now and then.

Shopify’s Slogan Maker to the rescue!

While Shopify is a site whose primary purpose is to help you run your own online shop, it also offers a totally free tool to discover catchy slogans for your brand or, in this case, event: Slogan Maker.

This one’s the easiest tool to use on this list. Step one, type in a keyword related to your event. Step two, click on "Generate Slogans." You’re done! The tool will instantly display over a thousand suggestions for a slogan or tagline. Pick one that works, tweak it, and use it as you see fit.

One thing worth mentioning: The Slogan Maker is automated, so you may occasionally end up with awkward and silly results ("Nothin' Says Lovin' Like Halloween from the Oven"). But all in all, the Slogan Maker is an excellent way to get inspired and trigger some great ideas of your own. Try it.

Is there a paid version?

Nope. Just 1,000+ relevant(ish) slogans to get your creative juices flowing.

There you have it: five great tools that won’t cost you a penny and can make your event page that much more appealing. Whether you make your event page here on Billetto or elsewhere, you’re now equipped to make it count.

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