5 things to know before you organise a Pokemon Go event

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There’s no denying it: Pokemon Go is huge! Right now, countless people in your area are chasing Pokemon and battling each other at Pokemon Gyms. How about bringing them all together for a Pokemon Go event?

It’s no secret that better Pokemon spawn where there’s more mobile phone traffic, so gathering lots of people in one place increases everyone’s chances of catching that rare Gyarados.

Here are five tips that will help you organise a Pokemon Go event everyone will love.

1. Remember: safety first

You can’t blame people for being immersed in their phones while out catching Pokemon. Yet the last thing you want is to have some of your fellow Pokemon trainers wander into heavy traffic or bump into unsuspecting cyclists. Ouch!

When you organise a Pokemon Go event, look for a location that’s not too close to busy roads and intersections. Put up large signs to make sure your guests don’t accidentally walk where they shouldn’t. And, of course, remember to be considerate of other people if your Pokemon Go event is taking place in a popular public area such as a park.

2. Scout out the best location

Speaking of location - that’s what truly matters when you’re organising a Pokemon Go event. The best spot for a successful Pokemon hunt will have multiple PokeStops within walking distance of each other. This way, Pokemon trainers will be able to hop from one PokeStop to another collecting useful items.

Ideally, you’ll also want a Pokemon Gym or two nearby, so that your guests can do battle against other trainers and unleash their competitive spirit. There should be good access to public lavatories, especially if your event is set to last all day. Finding the perfect location for a Pokemon Go event may take some time, but it’ll all be worth it in the end.

3. Set up in advance

You want to have things in place for your Pokemon Go event well before people start showing up. Get a few friends or fellow organisers to stock up on Lure Modules, so that they can turn those PokeStops into effective Pokemon farms when the time comes. Your guests will get better opportunities to catch the rare Pokemon those Lure Modules might attract.

Sooner or later, your guests are guaranteed to run out of battery on their smartphones. It’s a question of time. Sure, the most dedicated Pokemon trainers will come with their own powerbank (or five). But it’s always a good idea to have a place where people can recharge their battery. Maybe consider setting up a full-fledged power tent with plenty of available sockets.

4. Arrange fun (non-Pokemon Go) activities

On the off chance that some guests get bored of catching Pokemon (we know - what are the odds?), have a few fun activities and games prepared that everyone can participate in. One idea is to have people wear their Pokemon Go team colors for these activities - Team Instinct (yellow), Team Mystic (blue), and Team Valor (red) - and challenge each other in the real world.

Your Pokemon Go event doesn’t have to be just about the game itself. Since you’ll be outside, there’s room for outdoor sports, running around with Super Soakers, and much more. Be creative and find activities your guests will enjoy while taking a brief break from trying to catch that elusive Magnemite.

5. Secure freebies and promo deals

If enough people sign up to your Pokemon Go event, you might be able to convince local businesses to sponsor some freebies or offer promo deals on merchandise, food, and drinks. Maybe a nearby coffee shop will sell a Pikachu Latte special? You’ll help them spread the word about their business while getting cool stuff for your guests in return. It’s a win-win!

You can even pre-sell vouchers for drinks, food, and merchandise ahead of your Pokemon Go event. If you create your event with Billetto, you’ll be able to do that directly on your event page, quickly and easily. And it won’t cost you a penny. Are you ready to start organising the best Pokemon Go event the world has ever seen?

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