11 killer event header images that work

The header image for your event is as important as your event poster: it should grab attention and say exactly what your event is about. And unlike your event poster, your event header should have as little text on it as possible. Let the title & the description do the talking. Here are 11 killer examples of perfect event header images that just work.

1.Food: Monograph

Minimalistic, mouth-watering and straight to the point - everything you can expect from a Japanese-themed supper club. High resolution pictures of food simply work a treat for any food event.

2. Sports: Candlelit Gong Bath

High resolution pictures of the venue work great for sports events: participant can get a feel for how intimate or social the event can get. Bonus points for finding a picture with people performing the exercises from the day.

3. Music: Eleanor Friedberger + Chris Cohen

Most of the bands have beautiful high resolution band photos. Use them. If you have a beautiful poster for the event, use the part without the text on it, or paste it in the event description. Band photos always work the best.

4. Entertainment: Murder Mile Walks

This image works in many ways: it's social, it shows that people are having fun together, it's high resolution (always best!) and it shows exactly what this event is about. Bonus tip: if you have a series of recurring events on the same topic, you only need one great image. This makes your events more recognisable.

5. Night Out: The Blitz Party

Crowd shots, action shots & party shots work best for nightlife events. People want to have a glimpse of what they're into at the party. Hire a good photographer for your next party and you'll have an unlimited amount of great high resolution images for more parties to come. Bonus tip: use other images of the venue, attendants & artists to create even deeper experience of your party.

6. Theatre: Flamenco Blues

Give the participants a preview of what to expect from your theatre experience: a shot of the stage in performance or a performer in full costume works the best.

7. Arts: London Design Festival

Get creative, go crazy - it's an event dedicated to arts, you have so many possibilities for illustrating your event, and chances are, you have a ton of great high resolution images. This is one type of an event where a lot of texts works as well, as long as the event is dedicated to type.

8. Outdoors: North End Road Autumn Market

Hosting an outdoors event? Choose a header that showcases the location you're hosting an event at: get the pictures of previous events if you have any, or find a good high resolution image of the area or particular venue.

9. Conference: ad:tech

Text and graphics work great for conferences when you have a recognisable branding and logo. But, as always, make sure that the image comes in high resolution and fits the format of the event page you're uploading it to.

10. Courses: London Terrariums

If your course is about creating something physical, you probably want to use the picture of a physical product, like this example shows you. Is it about audience participation? Show the audience. If it features a recogniseable speaker - go with the picture of the speaker.

11. Charity: Singing for Syrians

This picture for the Singing for Syrians charity works wonders as it shows the group that's most likely going to benefit from the charity proceeds.

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