Zero Wave presents… Sound and Movement: Pieces for Dance

Apr 02 2016 18:00 - 20:00

The Old Finsbury Town Hall, Rosebery Ave, EC1R 4RP London

Zero Wave presents… Sound and Movement: interventions for Bodies in Motion


Two World Premieres

1. Out of thin air

A collaborative project between choreographer Elena Koukoli and composer Andreas Papapetrou

2. We Are On The Same Page

An interfacial work by composer Vassilis Chatzimakris with the performance collective In(s)core

3. Far Rainbow

An improvised performance for drums and electronics by Emily Mary Barnett and Bobby Barry accompanied by the dancer Inês Zinho Pinheiro

+ more TBA


Air becomes breath, becomes air,

wind becomes voice, becomes wind again,

forms into echo bouncing off walls,

whispers escaping the empty vessel,

sound of an ocean heard through a seashell.

The sonic part of this project explores reduced and acousmatic modes of listening by using vocal textures and recordings of a defunct church organ in St George's cathedral on the Cycladic island of Syros. The dance happens in a vacuum, where bodies are constantly transforming in movement and where movement distorts spatial perception; where words are suspended in air and, if spoken, they break into a thousand pieces. Looking into notions of emptiness and excess, this performance invites audience in an imaginative, meditative, provoking and joyful journey.


We are on the same page is an interfacial score, i.e. it allows for alternative interpretations using substantially different media.

The score instructs the performers to assign activities of their choice to different alphabet letters and then use a page from a book to devise and direct their performance accordingly. The performance itself can take many different forms regarding the performing means to be used, which may involve sound, movement, poetry, live painting etc. The page to be used should be visible to the audience as a handout, projection, etc.

In(s)core is a performance collective which comprises people deriving from diverse artistic background 3and is dedicated to the performance of interfacial scores.


Far Rainbow are an improvising duo formed in 2014 and based in London, featuring Emily Mary Barnett (drums, percussion) and Bobby Barry (electronics, small objects). Their debut cassette album No Medicine That Can Cure A Fool was praised by The Wire’s Byron Coley, WFMU’s Jonathan Herweg, and Michael Eisenberg of Avant Music News. Paul Margree, of the We Need No Swords blog, compared it to "the free-spirited electronic kosmische musik that Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius may have created in their Cluster heyday if they had King Tubby rather than Conny Plank producing it.” Recently Far Rainbow have been preparing a new performance with Rambert Dance School graduate Inês Zinho Pinheiro, involving a three-way improvisation for sound and movement. This will be its very first performance

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