Spice Up Your Life! Aphrodisiac Workshop

Jan 26 2017 17:00 - 19:00

Ace Hotel London Shoreditch, 100 Shoreditch High St, E1 6JQ London

We’ve all heard that oysters are aphrodisiacs - it’s no secret that food can jump start your love life! But, what if I told you that food can be a great way to connect to nature and invigorate your passion for life - every day? The Mindful Kitchen invites you to join our ‘Spice Up Your Life’ Aphrodisiac Workshop.

We’ll explore how greater awareness of food can be a source of long lasting happiness, not just a moment’s pleasure. We’ll introduce you to our unique practice that blends cookery and mindfulness to connect you to nature with every bite.

We'll be working with well known aphrodisiacs: red wine, chocolate, cinnamon and ginger - and some that are lesser known that shall remain a surprise for now! Through a series of tasting and preserve making activities, we’ll reveal the extraordinary stories behind these little luxuries. You’ll walk away with the know how to mix a bit of sensual joie de vie into every meal.

Ticket price includes: 2 glasses of wine, spice tasting, chocolate tasting and truffle making. Participants will leave with homemade truffles to share, or keep for themselves!

General Admission

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