PsychFi Live: Simon Boswell theAND, THE CULT OF DOM KELLER, MDME SPKR, Cherrystones

Apr 17 2015 19:30 - Apr 18 2015 01:00

Arch 6, Crucifix Lane, , SE1 3JW London

PsychFi: Tune in, Trip Out! Psychedelia, Psycho, Pop-Cult, Sci-Fy, Indie Film, Art, Tech, Live Music and Psych-Out Vizuals

“You many not know his name, but if you’re a movie fan you’ll certainly know his music: Simon Boswell is one of the UK’s finest living soundtrack composers, whose work has graced films such as Danny Boyle’s debut ‘Shallow Grave’, Alejandro Jodorowsky’s mind-melting ‘Santa Sangre’, loopy Angelina Jolie cybercrime flick ‘Hackers’ and shedloads of European horror movies by the likes of Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava and Michele Soavi.” TIME OUT: LONDON

PsychFi presents an immersive, psychedelic sound and vision journey. Simon Boswell theAND perform radical new versions of his film & games music, both live and recorded, with exclusive sound and vision appearances from Dario Argento, Richard Stanley & Alejandro Jodorowsky.

With theAND's 'Vizual Sound' wizards are David Altweger (Sagberg, Kele, SALON FLUX) & James Russell London based motion designers & VJ's. With pop culture artist Lola Gunn on vocals & Jacko Peake on Sax.

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This is a carefully selected, reworked and re-orchestrated dip into the goldmine of treasures from of his best scores. Simon: 'I cut up my previous scores into bits and re-assembled them as new songs mixing full orchestra with muscians from Blur and The Kills and spoken word parts for some of the actors and directors I have worked with along the way - including Ewan McGregor, Ray Winstone, Goran Visnij, Dario Argento, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Richard Stanley'.

PsychFi support from The Cult Of Dom Keller, MDME SPKR & Cherrystones

For the last 7 years these DIY sonic alchemists have been creating whacked out soundscapes and songs that appear to have been born from another universe, all from the confines of their sonic bunker.
"If Nirvana & L7 had a baby it would be MDME SPKR!" Eros Workhoven (Austin TX)

"The new London group plays a mix of primitive and snotty garage rock with audible grunge and psych influences." Rapt Records (UK)

Everything is done in the moment to create and capture a mood! for me genre is pointless!

50 Shades Erotica - Trailer Classics Mash Up: Curated by Jake West & Marc Morris (Nucleus Films)

Underdog Art Gallery, is an exciting new gallery space in the centre of the creative hub of Bermondsey.

Five minutes walk from London Bridge station, between The Shard and The White Cube, U.D.A.G is host to some of the most contemporary art and design shows in South East London. Dealing in contemporary fine art, urban street art, sculpture and outsider art. We pride ourselves on representing the best established and emerging artists in London and beyond

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