Gut Health 101: Masterclass and Cookery Day

Nov 11 2017 12:00 - 15:30

97 Patshull Road, NW5 2LE London

Would you like to learn how to heal your gut?

This workshop will show you how..

On Saturday 11th November we will teach you exactly what you need to do to obtain amazing gut health – discover the key factors that are preventing your gut from fully recovering, medicinal foods that have powerful gut healing properties, the importance of fermented foods and how to incorporate them in your diet, and lifestyle practices to support optimal gut health. You will get to see a range of mouthwatering recipes demonstrated (including how to make the best chicken stock you've ever tasted, a healthy gut healing breakfast to get you prepped for the day, a wonderful grain free bread, a scrumptious main meal and delectable sweet treat), plus tasting sessions so you can sample all the goodies, as well as a pamphlet of all the recipes to take away so you can whip them up at home and impress your mates.

We will also discuss specific dietary approaches that may be beneficial for resolving ongoing gut symptoms, and which key supplements can offer game-changing support to your protocol, as well as which lab tests can be useful to gather more information about your gut health.

Come and join us for delicious food and tonnes of tips and tricks to leave you feeling well prepared on how to nourish and nurture that amazing gut of yours. Hope to see you there :).

About Anoushka:

Anoushka is a Nutritional Therapist, AFMCP Functional Medicine graduate and GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome) practitioner.

Her passion for using food as medicine has led her to work with complex cases such as coeliac disease, crohn's, IBD, IBS, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue and diabetes. She has a keen interest in the connection between the gut and the brain, and has seen profound transformation in her client’s mental wellbeing through focusing on their digestive health.

Anoushka acts as a cheerleader when making change feels difficult, and provides a foundation of support to help her clients stay the course and embrace deep transformation. She is hugely passionate about cookery and enjoys sharing her delicious medicinal recipes. She also has an interest in mindfulness and meditation enjoys equipping her clients with these tools so they can reconnect with their bodies. Anoushka enjoys the detective work of nutritional therapy - piecing together all aspects of a client’s health to come up with effective and achievable solutions.

Anoushka is also an avid researcher, continually adding to her knowledge to ensure her clients are receiving the very best in care that is formulated from the most current scientific and nutritional research.

Read more about Anoushka here.

About Sophie:

A graduate of the College of Naturopathic Medicine, Sophie runs a private practice at the Light Centre in Monument, specialising in gut health, and fatigue and energy issues. With a background in dance, health and well-being has always been a part of Sophie’s life, however, after suffering several dance related injuries, Sophie embarked on a fast-paced career in the City. After 4 years of the city life, and with a whole host of immune, digestive, and energy issues, Sophie decided to go back to her love of health and well-being, and re-train as a holistic nutritional therapist, to work on her own underlying ill-health, as well as help others overcome their own health issues, and achieve a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Sophie is also a yoga instructor, teaching at various studios across London, including the Light Centre, MoreYoga, East of Eden, and Nuffield Health.

Read more about Sophie here.

Gut Health 101

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