Archipelago + Q&A

May 05 2016 20:30 - 22:30

The Montpelier, 43 Choumert Rd, SE15 4AR London

About Archipelago

The Faroe Islands: a gathering of dramatically weathered islands in the vast North Atlantic Sea with a community in transition. While it is a society connected to modern norms and technologies, it is also a place where people and nature are intrinsically interlinked.

For centuries the Faroese have proudly lived mainly off the natural resources at their immediate disposal – a pact between mankind and the wilderness based on balance and self-sustainability.
Remaining true to traditional methods of sustainability, the modern Faroese continue to hunt the pilot whales. This non-commercial, but controversial practice has long been under the scrutiny of western society, and now the international community is stepping in.

This film is a portrait of a nation that for many years has lived undisturbed, but is now forced to explain and defend their way of living, as the International NGO Sea Shepherd announces its largest anti-whaling campaign to date. The clash between these two opposing ecological visions could very well change the face of the archipelago forever.


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