8 Tips for Boosting Your Last-Minute Ticket Sales

Oct 15 2016

You've spent a mighty amount of time preparing for your big event: have promoted it on all socials, placed posters in all relevant places, sent out newsletters to your previous attendees - but the event is far from being sold out, and you just need to fill those seats. Here are 8 tactics organisers use to bump up ticket sales in the last moments before the event:

1. Social Media Giveaway
The chances are, you might have used this tactic throughout your event promotion. However, there are some alternative channels for giveaways you might not have tried yet, like Twitter Chats (some even accept give away requests) or reaching out to bloggers relevant to your event that could get a word out on their channels with free ticket give aways.

2. Do a Live demo
Have a performer, artist or a special speaker at your event? Film a special video with behind-the-scenes material, a special greeting (the star in question can do social media shout outs to people buying the tickets, for example), or do a live Q&A with the star of the show.

3. Offer a special ticket deal to your previous guests
Send out a mailer to the list of your previous attendees [that have opted in to receive your email] with a special offer deal, like 2-for-1 if they bring a friend or a free goodie bag / round of drinks, if they refer a friend and a friend buys a ticket.

4. Use a "deal of the day" tactic
Create a deal that only works for one day. There's always a day for something somewhere, just pick a reason and come up with a special offer. For example, "Today (14/10) is a #WorldMathsDay! 2+2=3 - get 4 tickets and pay for 3".

5. Be bold & try something new
Have you been using the same catchphrase and the same GIFs to illustrate your social media efforts for the duration of your campaign? Try something new. People get used to the things popping up on their timelines. Try using a different language, try a video, try a Live video, a photo contest - anything you haven't tried before.

6. Post your event on local community boards
If your event is happening in a particular local area, chances are you can push it using local hashtags, send it out to a local newspaper or find local community boards (on Facebook or Google) - most of the areas these days have dedicated channels for sharing the news with the local residents.

7. Get your contacts involved
Have a friend with a lot of local Instagram followers? Your previous speaker worked well to attract a lot of attendees? Ask them to share your event. Look through your contacts and ask everyone to share your event or mention it on their channels. Tip: don't copy and paste your message or send a chat to everyone, these are your close contacts, you want to approach them personally and sincerely.

8. Give away free tickets on the day
If you absolutely need to fill the seats, and you're struggling on the day of the event - give the tickets away for free. Perhaps, you don't want to do it on social media, so people that bought the tickets don't feel like they have missed out. Give tickets away at the local shops, bars or other venues - whatever is more relevant to your key audience. Invite your friends and ask them to tag anyone they know along.

Have you tried any of these before? Is all of this completely new to you? Perhaps, you need to read our 5 Tried and Tested Tricks for Selling More Tickets to Your Next Event. Need a simple solution for selling tickets or adding special tickets to your upcoming event? Start creating your event with Billetto now.