Zero Wave #21

Jun 13 2018 19:30 - 21:30

The Harrison Gastro Pub & Hotel, 28 Harrison St, WC1H 8JF London

Zero Wave #21

More music, fun, fiction and… things… from the likes of…


<i> "The Two Bennys were perhaps one of 1940s America’s most unsurprisingly unsuccessful light entertainment acts. Technically inept and often deeply offensive, their repeatedly failed attempts at both live and recorded performance are now viewed by most as a fair indication of their low credibility and historical worth.…"</i>

Benedict Taylor and Adam de la Cour as you've never seen them before… unless you have seen them before…

<b>Postcards From The Volcano</b>

Helen Frosi and Stephan Barrett playing very small things…

<b>Rosie Šnajdr</b>

Experimental fiction from the author of A Hypocritical Reader (published by Dostoyevsky Wannabe) and co-editor of Cambridge Literary Review…

<b>Grave Threat</i>

A band built from tin whistle and scrap…


<b>Far Rainbow</b>

What's that noise?… oh no!…Tinnitus made flesh…

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