Zealous X Performance - “Contrasts” (1 ticket, 3 performances!)

Jan 10 2016 18:30 - 21:30
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Tickets GBP 10.00 - GBP 12.00
Tickets GBP 10.00 - GBP 12.00

What do corporates have in common with comedy? Politicans with pop culture? Laugh and challenge the more serious aspects of life with a mix of theatre, dance and comedy.


Jonathan Lindley

Using Glitches, graphics and breakbeasts, Jonathan is presenting the practical output from his PHD work in design. He's also involved with Sunbird Records.


A new UK theatre collective that combines performance, politics and gameplay to encourage new audiences to engage with art.

Charmaine Wombwell presents: Scarlet Shambles

Charmaine is a theatre maker and musician, trained in Physical Theatre & Devising Performance at LISPA. She enjoys the challenge of creating new work.

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"Contrasts" is part of the Zealous X festival; unleashing creativity over 10 days at Rich Mix. Come and experience creativity like never before, discuss the industry alongside leaders, learn new skills, listen to great music, discover inspiring performances, all we’re now missing is you.

By buying a ticket you are directly supporting creators. 51% of all Zealous X tickets go directly to the 100+ creatives showcased during the festival.

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Zealous X Performance - “Contrasts” (1 ticket, 3 performances!)

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