Zealous X Creative Industry Talks - “Evolve”

Jan 12 2016 10:30 - 17:00

Rich Mix, 35-47 Bethnal Green Rd, E1 6LA London

Creativity is evolving; empowered by new concepts, cutting edge technology and shifting policy. Join the discussion and experience tomorrow’s creative world, today.

By purchasing a ticket you are directly supporting creators. 51% of the price of your ticket goes directly to the 100+ creatives showcased during the festival.

Speakers are being confirmed as you read, check http://x.zealous.co/speakers for breaking news on those sharing their insights at Zealous X.

Day Schedule

10:55 - Reinventing the Arts - Panel

We spend on average 9 hours per day on our smartphones. With our increased dependency on the digital world and the opportunities it offers. Explore how digitally connected the arts are and what challenges they face in embracing this brave new world?

Host: Tim Plyming (Director in the Innovation Lab, NESTA) with Anthony Lilley OBE (CEO & Chief Creative Officer, Magic Lantern Productions), Tom Szirtes (Creative Technologist, Mbryonic)

12:10 - Intellectual Property 2.0 - Panel

Technology allows practically anything to be copied and instantaneously shared. The boundries between inspiration and imitation have never been so blurred. Come and challenge the role of IP in today’s world and how to best protect yourself.

Host: Shainul Kassam (Managing Partner, Fortune Law). Panellists: Silvia Baumgart (Programme Manager, Own-it), Ros Lynch (Copyright and IP Enforcement Director, IPO), Dr Gaetano Dimita (Lecturer in International Intellectual Property Law, Queen Mary UL)

14:00 - Surprise and Delight - Keynote

Meet Holition, master crafters of digital experiences that seamlessly bridge the digital and physical worlds; championing a future where any data becomes a potent dialogue for all to understand.

Speakers: Tommy Howard (Lead Creative, Holition) and Marcus Belcher (Lead Graphics & Web Software Engineer, Holition)

14:35 - The Birth of New Mediums - Panel

Drones, 3D Printing, Augmented & Virtual Reality…the list of new technologies available to us is ever growing. Come and experience how technology is paving the way to new modes of creative expression.

Host: Josh McNorton (Project Manager, FutureFest), Sebastian Burdon (Motion Graphics Designer, Creative Not), Clarence Adoo (MBE, Musician), Ghislaine Boddington (Creative Director, bodydataspace)

15:40 - Future of Creative Business - Chat

We are currently in talks with a speaker to share their successes, the challenges they have faced and their vision of the future. Check http://x.zealous.co/speakers for breaking news on confirmed speakers. In the meantime get a good deal on a ticket now.

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“Evolve” is part of the Zealous X festival; unleashing creativity over 10 days at Rich Mix. Come and experience creativity like never before, discuss the industry alongside leaders, learn new skills, listen to great music, discover inspiring performances, all that's now missing is you.

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