Yonatan Gat (Monotonix)

Nov 19 2014 19:30 - 21:30

Shacklewell Arms, 71 Shacklewell Lane, E8 2EB London

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Live, his power trio - always on the floor among sweaty dancing bodies - plays intense acid rock with the attitude of jazz, bringing Middle Eastern and African music, with improvisational virtuosity into garage punk. These concerts are about improvisation, about the moment. It is a worldly sound so completely unique – it can only exist for that moment in time. No two sets are the same or even similar, as Gat's reverb-drenched guitar offensive takes simultaneous lead and rhythm duties, backed by Gal Lazer's hard-hitting African-inspired grooves, and Sergio Sayeg's (of Brazilian garage rockers Garotas Suecas) pumping bass.

"Monotonix guitar virtuoso Yonatan Gat has reinvented himself as a world-music riff maven" - Time Out New York


Deep Men are from Devon.

“We love 'em so jank and wrong-faced, their riffs going inside and out of your HEART like a fuckin’ tapestry of bitter lemon and sweet marmalade. ” – Kindarad

“A post-punk appetite for a humorously strange drive of sour vocals and odd ambitions.” – The 405

“A steady bludgeoning by colossal doom stomps that sounds like a Transfromer crashing down to the dusty earth. The incessant, carefully placed guitar feedback falls just on the right side of brutal and while there are certainly gentler, more melodic moments to be found among the savagery, this isn’t for the faint-hearted.” – Sexbeat

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