Yoga & Gong Bath ~ Monthly New Moon

Feb 23 2020 12:00 - 14:00

Yogis' Well-Being Centre, 1 Springbridge Mews, W5 2AB London

My Clapton, East London Yoga & Gong Bath collaboration with Nicola Yogini is proving to be hugely beneficial for participants! More Info

So, we are excited to present this Ealing Broadway, West London-based collaboration, where we will be...

...harnessing New Moon energies to:

set and review monthly intentions to keep you 'on track'

enjoy pause and presence  

honour new beginnings

vision and create

maintain well-being, balance and focus

What to Expect

Yoga and Sound Healing

Open Level Vinyasa Flow Yoga intuited by Karen Clancy according to your needs, held by soothing instrumental sounds, including singing bowls and voice that sing deeply to your mind-body-soul as you practice.  

Yoga mats, blocks and blankets are provided.

Sacred Cacao Sound Ceremony 22/09/2019 @ Yogis' Well-Being Centre

Gong Bath

As you lie in Savasana, we will flow into a realigning gong bath with some or all of my planetary gongs: 

24" Venus (the feminine, romantic love, bliss, creativity, spontaneity)

32" Mars (the masculine, assertiveness, action, war, protection) 

36" Earth (The Mother, grounding, deep nourishment, nurture, abundance, creation)  

Gong baths stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, the place of 'rest and digest', where healing can occur. They can invoke deep meditation and relaxation. 

Cacao Sound Ceremony at Yogis' Well-Being Centre 22/09/19

Both your Yoga practice and gong bath will be guided by the New Moon to help you to review and set intentions. 

Karen and I offer a friendly community space where you are welcome to relax with a cuppa and chat after each session.

Getting There

Ealing Broadway Station is a 4 minutes walk to/from the venue: Central, District, TFL and National Rail lines. 

Numerous bus stops within short walking distance: Information

Where budget and administration allows, concessions can be considered upon request; for example, for multiple bookings or if you are limited financially: Contact Me 

Before you Book:



Are in your first trimester of pregnancy
Have a severe mental illness 
Have a 'sound sensitive’ condition or conditions that could be triggered by sound. 
Have a heart condition or pacemaker; the sound can resonate metal implants, pins, screws, etc and could change rhythm of pacemakers.  
Not suitable for children under 7 years old. 


Activities focused on well-being and healing can dislodge physical, mental, emotional and spiritual blocks. It is your responsibility to inform us of any conditions or issues and have relevant support systems in place. If you do not inform us of your condition we do not accept liability for any ongoing ill effects. If, due to a condition, you are unsure whether our service is appropriate, we advise you to seek medical consultation. We aim to provide a safe and well-held space and after-care support is available where requested. You are welcome to seek our advice.


Contact Me for SoundSeva digital gift vouchers (examples below) that can be used against any SoundSeva event until 31/03/2020 (except Clapton Yoga & Gong Bath). Alternatively, Karen is making some beautiful handcrafted vouchers. 

About Us

Karen Clancy is a Yoga Instructor, Teacher, Artist and Manager of Yogis' Well-Being Centre. 

A ceremony facilitator with a background in mental health care and Social Work, I teach, heal, facilitate, share and learn. My path is ever evolving and I feel in a position to shine a light for you as others have done for me. 

We are both experienced, insured and fully qualified.

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Any SoundSeva profits are recycled into SoundSeva services, including training, equipment and my healing to ensure that I am clear to hold your space.