Yin Partner Workshop: It Takes Two

Feb 24 2017 19:00 - 21:00

LN-CC, 18-24 Shacklewell Ln, E8 2EZ London

Experience Yin in a beautiful way by working together with a partner, deepening the sensations and learning to trust and let go.

Yin Partner Yoga (or Assisted Yin Yoga) is a strongly supported and therapeutic practice suitable for anyone living a hectic life and in search of a moment of total relaxation that targets the deeper layers in the body. An important aspect is letting go in a physical as well as mental way so no muscle power is used and gravity is your biggest friend.

Whether this is an alternative date night, a friendship romance or an excuse to hold someone you like, we'll work together and developing a better sense of awareness through touch.

Or buy a single ticket and we'll find you a partner on the night.

In a candlelit, scented space with a DJ leading the musical journey, the unusual environment of LN-CC will be the backdrop to your exploration.


Email: info@everythingisgood.co

General Admission

Not Available