Yee Cho Burmese Dinner

Aug 15 2017 18:45 - 20:45

The Gun, 235 Well St, E9 6RG London

Join us at Yee Cho (pronounced ‘Yay’ Cho), a celebration of Burmese food by Freya Coote. Experience the vibrant flavours of Burma (Myanmar) through family recipes and new takes on Burmese favourites. Learn more about Yee Cho and the undiscovered food of Burma in this Time Out feature.

Yee Cho is named after a family friend who cared for my grandmother and teaches me to cook Burmese recipes when I visit family in Yangon. Her name literally means ‘sweet water’ or ‘fresh water'.

At this event you'll experience a full day of meals in Burma, starting with breakfast right through to dinner, during a five course tasting menu.

Taste of Burma Menu

Big Boss Palm Gin Soda

* * *

Lemongrass Fish Noodle Soup, Pink Pickled Egg, Split Pea Cracker

Lemongrass Mushroom Noodle Soup, Pink Pickled Egg, Split Pea Cracker (v)

* * *

Street Snack Lunch
BBQ Coconut Chicken Skewer, Prawn & Beansprout Fritter, Kidney Bean Fritter, Pickled Cucumber, Tamarind Ketchup

Kidney Bean Fritters, Pickled Cucumber, Tamarind Ketchup (v)

* * *

Afternoon Snack
Lahpet Thoke
Pickled Green Tea Leaf Salad, Fresh Tomatoes, Fried Bean and Nut Mix, Dried Prawns

* * *

Ginger Pork Curry, Aubergine Salad, Rice

Coriander Omelette Curry, Aubergine Salad, Rice (v)

* * *

Faluda (Burmese Sundae)
Layers of Toasted Coconut Chips, Coconut Condensed Milk, Mango Sorbet, Coconut Chia Seed Pudding, Mango and Turmeric Jelly, Rose Syrup

Vegetarians and pescetarians welcome. All of our food may contain traces of, or include shellfish, sesame seeds and nuts.


General Admission

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Private dining for 6-8 people

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