Writing and pitching workshop with gal-dem (Women and Non-binary People of Colour only)

Nov 28 2019 18:00 - 20:00

St. Hilda's East Community Centre, 18 Club Row, E2 7EY London

NEON and The Race Beat, a new journalism network for people of colour working in & thinking about British media, are excited to host gal-dem for an evening of writing and pitching. 

Gal-dem is an incredible media platform run by and for women and non-binary writers of colour. In recent months it’s published a huge number of influential pieces on a wide range of topics.

-Are live TV and radio debates worth it for women of colour?

-Voter ID will hit people of colour the hardest

Writing for gal-dem gives you a chance to speak on issues that you campaign on and many writers from gal-dem have also broken into other media outlets like the Guardian and have become regular writers for it.

In this session, the gal-dem team will work on how to write a good comment piece, how to write a striking pitch to gal-dem and other publications and how women and non-binary people of colour can break into other media.