WMA Talk - The Discovery of the Planets by Richard Hook

Aug 21 2021 19:30 - 21:00
Tickets Free
Tickets Free

The Discovery of the Planets by Wells and Mendip Astronomers Committee Member Richard Hook promises to be a fascinating insight into how our Solar System planets were discovered. 

The story moves from the famous five known since ancient times to the present day, and features a fascinating cast of characters, national disputes and odd episodes.

Wells and Mendip Astronomers believe Space is or Everyone! 

Our goal as an astronomy society is to engage with local astronomy and space enthusiasts to enjoy, share and develop their interests and skills. Our aims extend to increasing public awareness and outreach events at this very important time for science and space exploration through our programme of events, talks and star parties.

We would like to welcome anyone interested in astronomy; whether you are a  beginner or experienced astronomer - young or old. We will do our best to help, so please come and join us. 

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