Wine Tasting w/ a Winemaker - Awaken your senses | Flavors in a Bottle

Dec 21 2019 10:00 - Feb 23 2020 18:00

Rua Francisco Metrass, 1350-168 Lisbon, 1350-168 Lisbon

I'd like to share my discoveries in the world of wine along the years; Stimulate your senses with the flavors in a bottle.

Exchange information regarding various sectors related to the portuguese viticulture, and present you the good projects that I've been finding in my journey.

So, I would like to invite you to host this exciting discovery.

Alerta! Quando se deixar pegar pelo “bichinho do vinho”, os síntoma de paixão serão incuráveis!

Spoil Alert! When you get caught up in the “wine bug”, the symptoms of passion will be incurable!

We offer several types of wine tasting. From the most common "Vertical taste, Tematic taste, by wine type and the king of them all...Blind Wine Taste"


VERTICAL WINE TASTE (same grape, same producer, only differ the wine year)

With this kind of wine taste you can observe the difference on the same wine along the years. What can be last and what each wine can gain with years.


Is tasting a blind wine like sleeping with Claudia Schiffer or George Clooney in the dim light?

… Come and find out…